December 21, 2019

Preblast for the Week of 12/23/19

Highlights:  Equinox 2020 starts January 1st. Read about it and sign up below. Check the Christmas week closures below. Two VQs: Wheezer (Tue, Blazing Saddle); Bobsled (Tue, Neverland).

Christmas Week Closures:
The following AOs will be closed this week:
Monday: Barracks CLOSED
Tuesday: Ruins CLOSED
Wednesday: ALL CLOSED except the Morg
Thursday: Ruins CLOSED
Friday: Bullseye CLOSED

New Year’s Day Convergence:
All AOs will close and we’ll converge at the Mothership for a 7-8 AM workout. Bring a cup for PLC.

December Fitness Challenge:
Zima (Neverland AOQ) is challenging you to ruck some miles this month. There are gold, silver, and bronze commitment levels. Pick a stretch goal. If you want to record your progress, do it here. Sparky has a running challenge coming in January.

The Grinch Returns!
Complete this with a group or do it on your own in December.

Equinox Challenge 2020:
Read about the challenge here:
Sign-up here:
Save a copy or print this sheet to track your own progress:

2020 CSAUP Events:
Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless! Be on the lookout for several opportunities in 2020 to do some difficult and rewarding fitness events with your F3 brothers. Relay teams for the Big Buffalo 50 in March will be forming soon. The Half Ironman is in October. F3 Nation is working on a new type of GrowRuck event that will probably be coming to a city near us, date and location TBD. Finally, there are rumors of an F3 Tennessee convergence somewhere in the middle of the state.

This Week’s Events:
Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!