October 26, 2019

Preblast for the Week of 10/28/19

Highlights:  VQs: La-Z-Boy (Levee Monday), Innuendo (Arcadia Wednesday). New Saturday workout launches at the Barracks. Eli Grow Legacy 8K is Saturday. SYITG!

Plant Tupelo:
Tupelo launched on 9/28. This is it! Week 6 of the launch. Join Shoestring for Q School this Saturday. Give it away! Join #plant-tupelo in Slack and read here how you can help out: 

New Saturday AOs: 
The Barracks Saturdays start this week, November 2nd, 5:30-6:15 AM. Saturday workouts also recently launched at the Lair, 5:30-6:15 AM. 

Eli Grow Legacy 8K Run/Walk/Ruck:
November 2nd, 11 AM (Tullahoma, TN). Supporting the Eli Grow Foundation. Several PAX went last year and had a great time. You can also register to participate virtually.

Hernando AO: 
The Gridiron is on hiatus for the fall and winter. Bell Ringer will to continue to promote F3 in the local area during that time, with the intent to relaunch this spring if there is enough interest to make it viable. 

1st F (Fitness) Schedule: Check out our locations here