November 3, 2019

Preblast for the Week 11/4/19

Highlights:  It’s King of the Bluff week (that means hand-off lunch on Wednesday)! One VQ: Potter (Morg Friday); November merkin challenge; Christmas Party plans; SYITG!

November Fitness Challenge:
100 merkins a day all month long. Simple. If you want to record your progress, do it here. Keep an eye out for the 2020 Equinox Challenge coming in January.

F3 Christmas Party:
Farmer is trying to organize a Christmas party in December. Let him know which evening is best for you and your family – 12/14 or 12/21. If anyone has location ideas, let him know!

Plant Tupelo:
Tupelo is officially launched. Thanks to all the PAX who helped out. We still have some IT needs, so if website set-up is something you can help with, reach out to Mile High on Slack.

New Saturday AOs: 
Don’t forget about Saturday workouts at The Barracks and The Lair – 5:30-6:15 AM. 

Preblast COT: 
Seth Godin: Annoyance is not a valuable emotion. “…If being annoyed is simply a side effect of something else we do, and it’s not actually useful, why do we work so hard to amplify the annoyance we feel? Why create a narrative, push hard against the powerless bureaucrat or the stuck pickle jar simply to make ourselves even more annoyed? The only person who is getting taught a lesson is us.”

Don’t let annoyance and irritability rule over you! Aye!

1st F (Fitness) Schedule: Check out our locations here