February 3, 2018

Pre-SuperBowl Beatdown

THE SCENE: Beautiful morning on the lot at the mothership,
Conditions: 34 degrees, clear skies, a pre-game buzz in the air, could have been nerves

Today, in preparation for the big game tomorrow, the PAX were treated to a football themed throw down. Starting with the welcome throughout the workout, anytime any 1 of 2 footballs were fumbled (hit the ground at all without maintaining full control…for those into NFL style rulebooks), the entire PAX were penalized with 5 burpees


Although YHC really hates the patriots, you know, for their sketchy spying and stealing and deflating, etc, etc…can’t really be argued that their QB is the GOAT. so reps for the warmup were in his honor.

10 burpees…immediately upon starting the burpees, one of the footballs was put down, so 5 penalty burpees were assessed for a total of 15
Imperial walkers x 12 IC
Cotton Pickers x 12 IC
SSH x 12 IC
Air squats x 12 IC
Best stretch ever x 12 total OYO…several pax experienced stretching in areas that must have been good based on the groans
5 burpees for good measure*

*these 5 proved unnecessary in hindsight, but were based on a bad assumption – see comments below


YHC devised called the HEISMAN CIRCLE:
PAX arranged in a circle and one started with the football. On “hut” the remaining PAX performed an exercise on the ground, and the man with the ball would run and jump heisman style over each person until he reached his original position. Whenever the PAX on the ground were hurdled, that man would immediately jump to his feet and start performing the standing exercise. Repeat for each “quarter” of the game until every man had a chance to run the ball.

1st Quarter: Down position = LOW PLANK Up position = Jumping lunges
2nd Quarter: Down = MERKINS UP = High Knees


PAX get to demonstrate route running and QB skills. PAX line up and the first man goes long, and the next man throws him a pass. Has to be caught AT LEAST 20 yards from scrimmage (if dropped or not passed the required 20 yards = 5 burpee penalty) PAX waiting did a number of different exercised including but not limited to: seal claps, overhead claps, Al Gores, shoulder presses, etc.

YHC was surprised by the number of incompletions during this portion of the halftime festivities, and what was supposed to be a break from the cardio, turned into a burpee fest.

After all punitive burpees done, YHC took this opportunity to start the C-O-T message, having come across a description of rowing 2000m (not sure if it was from Freed to Lead or another source…can’t remember) but bascially, if a 2000m row is broken down into 4 races, each 500m. The first 500m is adrenaline of race day and everyone goes hard, the 2nd 500m is technique driven and training. The last 500m is an all out sprint to the end, so that leaves the middle 500m where the race is won and lost. With that being said, 3rd quarter commenced.

3rd Quarter: Down = Dry Dock Crabs (this had to be audibled to JUST CAROLINA DRY DOCKS due to the random movement of the feet in the down position) UP = Air squats
4th Quarter: Down = Mountain climbers UP = Burpees

For better or worse, all PAX present totally dominated regulation, and there was the need for OT – both for analogy and time purposes.

Slow mosey 1 lap around the parking lot, then an old fashioned relay race. Divided PAX into 2 even teams, sprint down and back from end of lot to the 1st concrete slab, then down and back to the 2nd concrete slab. Tag next guy in line, and it’s his turn. It was a close race, with a photo finish…not sure who won, but it for sure wasn’t any crimson anything.


american hammers x25 IC
Hello Dollys x 25 IC
LBC x 15 IC

14 PAX with 1 FNG (Malware): Mamma’s Boy (QIC), Teacher’s Pet, Jasmine, Moana, Snowman, Slicnut, Nature Boy, Pirtle, Lazarus, Snookie, Orange Julius, Heavyweight, Malware, Soulja Boy

Piggy backed on the idea that YHC has entered the 3rd quarter of life so to speak, past teenage years and college, past young adulthood, and feeling like I have hit middle adult hood…with the stresses of marriage, children, career, etc. etc. That can feel a bit overwhelming, but I was encouraged by the challenge presented in the 4 quarter analogy, how in some ways the 3rd quarter is the hardest, but it’s also where the race is won or lost.
YHC admitted that for several weeks, I had been in a funk just letting a lot of little things build up at home and just bottling up a lot of frustrations, and in a move more consistent with sad clowns, basically kept all this junk bottled up. YHC did not take the lead on this, and luckily the M called me on it. Finally, we were able to have a very needed conversation to get things back on the right track.
YHC used this time to speak truth to himself, to exhort himself to step up at home as well, to lead both his M and 2.0s both spiritually and physically as well as emotionally and mentally…and to remind himself that his brothers both at F3 and at church are more than willing to lend an ear and offer help and encouragement if/when he decides to act like a sad clown again.  Hopefully other PAX were also exhorted/encouraged.
Multiple HIMs joined other PAX from the group to continue the good work of cleaning out Ms. Bailey’s home.

Multiple AOs all around the city, with new one at Tobey Park this week.