May 17, 2018

Pre-Beach Beat Down

THE SCENE: It was already bright and hot as the PAX arrived…

– SSH X 20 in cadence, mountain climbers X 20 in cadence, shoulder taps X 20 in cadence, arm circles X 10 each arm in cadence, Helicopters X 10 both sides in cadence, butt kickers X 20 in cadence, Daisy-pickers X 15 in cadence, and Donkey kicks X 20 each leg in cadence.

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Global Warming – Pax move in a circle while holding Al Gore and their CMU…

  • Round 1 – 10 burpees
  • Round 2 – 20 merkins
  • Round 3 – 25 Bobby Hurleys
  • Round 4 – 50 CMU girls (Headed to the beach tomorrow.)

Field (Old People’s Home) of Dreams – With the McWherter Center used as a baseball diamond of sorts each base was a different AMRAP exercise and Pax were split into two teams… One team would do the exercise at a base while the other team mosey’d around and then switched until all bases completed.

  • Home Base – 15 Merkins each
  • 1st Base – AMRAP – Squats
  • 2nd Base – AMRAP – Merkins
  • 3rd Base – AMRAP – Big Boy Situps/ or LBC

Colt 45’s with CMU’s

Calf Raises with CMU’s above head

  • 25 straight on in cadence ash (Snookie corrected my failing counting… Preesh)
  • 25 with heals out
  • 25 with heals in

Second Set of Global Warming

  • Round 1 – 5 Burpees
  • Round 2 – 10 Lunges on each leg
  • Round 3 – 20 merkins.
  • Round 4 – Big Boy Situps X 15

American Hammer X 20, Shoulder Taps X 20, Helicopter X 15 and a couple PAX choice exercises. 

6 PAX, Ozark, Snookie, Lil’ Nicky, Commando (Irish hello), Gepetto, and Lipton. 

John 11 – Jesus says he loves Lazarus so he waited… During that time Lazarus dies and his sisters have to mourn his loss for 4 days. 

  • Jesus love doesn’t just fight for whats most comfortable or easiest… Often the world around us tells us that a relationship with no problems or that makes us comfortable is best, but Jesus love fights for showing us His glory or greatness and allowing us to experience His glory and greatness.  It often makes us uncomfortable, but always leads to things that are better than comfort.
  • In a small way, our workouts in the morning are a reminder that comfort based love is not the goal… Rather, that there is a better love that is willing to be uncomfortable and allow others to walk through uncomfortable and even painful situations so that they and we can experience and share more of God’s greatness and glory personally and with one another.

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