GrowRuck 12 Reflections


On September 23rd, at approximately 0800, 52 men finished GrowRuck 12 standing in a sand volleyball pit. We started with 52 men at 1800 the night before, a few who had only just registered in the previous 24 hours. We endured 100 ruck overhead squats, sand munitions, Crab Mountain, a 3,000 pound Implement of Woe, and 13 miles under ruck. Below are some comments from the GRTs who started and finished as a team:

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BEASTWEEK: Ramada Ciabatta Tabata

THE SCENE: The Levee, about freezing.


  1. Welcome: I am not a professional
  2. You are participating at your own risk
  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


10 SSH, 10 squats in cadence

10 SSH, 10 Merkins in cadence

10 SSH, 10 windmills

20 burpees on your own.


30 min Tabata Set:

Leg set: 10 min. Do each, then each in reverse.


Jump squats

Box jumps

Jumping lunges

Pistol squats

Chest set:

Knee merkins





Burpee set:


Burpee jacks

One leg burpees

Tuck jump burpees

Box jump burpees

20 flutters, sprint 25 yards. 20 shoulder taps, sprint 25 yd, repeat with Dying Cockroach, sprint, Hello Dolly, sprint, LBC’s, sprint, end with Crunch Frog.

20 Total PAX: Captain Obvious, Wide Right, Halpert, POPS, MoneyBags, Hello Kitty, Wachita, Snowman, Woody, Kudzu, Dial Up, 1040, Black Diamond, C-Lo, Coach K, Pronto Pup, Slicnut, Four Eyes, FNGs: Shichon and Cubbie

Is my goal to be comfortable, or to be fulfilled? How do I model that for my family?

Am I moving toward comfort for myself, or for others?

Am I moving toward fulfillment for myself, or am I working so that others might achieve fulfillment?

Very glad there were no injuries despite all the jumping on things. Men worked hard.

We All Need It

THE SCENE: 30ish feels like 20ish with the windish.


Dutifully done. Lil Stretchy done.

Rucked clockwise around Patriot Lake for 2.2 miles, then turnback for 4.4 miles total. Cut a little short for time.

There’s something about Mary, she wasn’t there bc girls ain’t allowed. They came later for FiA.

5 PAX, 0 FNG: 2 *345*ers, Dial-Up and Hello Kitty, Shoestring (Shoelaces was absent), NatureBoy, QiC Photoshop

Off the cuff, so best I recollect, here’s what I shared: Encouragement. We all need it. Especially when things get difficult, which is a lot. We have a great group of fellow HIMs to push us, lift us, motivate us to be better, do better.

Pace should have been faster but my inexperience with leading a ruck made it difficult to pace it right, however, it worked out because mumblechatter was good and it allowed us to conserve for Shoestring’s Q School that was to come.

Nature Boy’s Father-in-law Dennis diagnosed with cancer. Pray for peace and health, but also that NB can connect with him and love on him.

Q Schooled on a Saturday

THE SCENE: a cloudy 32 degrees with a slight 5 mph breeze coming from the Northeast.

Disclaimed… and disclaimed… and disclaimed AGAIN. YHC went through why we do what we do on Q.  Talked about calling out exercises, cadence and other random stuff

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
SSH IC x20
How to NOT count cadence
SSH IC Silent 20 count
Penalty Burpees x10

Mosey around to the lot and up the street to the stop sign at the top of the hill.  
Freddie Mercury til all-in
Bear Crawl 50+ yards to the speedbump. Mosey back to the parking lot.
Plank til all-in.  YHC talked about different ways to lead “the thang” is partner exercises or OYO routines.  We will do both.

Partner Up…
Dora 1-2-3:
100 Merkins
200 BBS
300 Squats


Mosey and burpees… more mosey, more burpees.  We pushed ourselves pretty hard on the mosey and burpees.

American Hammers IC x30
Flutter Kicks IC x20
Hello Dolly IC x20
Mountain Climbers 30 secs. OYO

22 pax.  (1 FNG: Smoker)

As men, we need to get right ourselves before we can help and lead others.  listen to the 43 feet podcast and come to Q Source lunches to talk more about getting right in your personal Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Hello Kitty and Dial-Up KILLED it this morning to finish off their 345 week!  T-CLAPS to these HIM who pushed themselves this week.  All the men pushed themselves this workout.

Service Project

Pumping Iron at the Morg

THE SCENE:  49 degrees, clear skies.


Imperial  Walkers IC 20, Hillbillies IC 20, Overhead Claps IC 20, Big Arm Circles (forward and reverse) IC 20
Circuit with CMU curls, Kettlebell Tricep Extensions, Side-arm lateral raises, barbell curls, CMU dips and overhead presses.

Kettlebell weights: 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb. Barbell weight: 50 lb.


The Streak, Sleep Number, Commie, Wall Builder, Orange Julius (QIC)
Adapted from “Future Grace” by John Piper.

In the late Seventeenth Century in southern France, a girl named Marie Durant was brought before the authorities, charged with the Huguenot heresy. She was fourteen years old, bright, attractive, marriageable. She was asked to abjure the Huguenot faith. She was not asked to commit an immoral act, to become a criminal, or even to change the day-to-day quality of her behavior. She was only asked to say, “J’abjure.” No more, no less. She did not comply. Together, with thirty other Huguenot women she was put into a tower by the sea…For thirty-eight years she continued…And instead of the hated word J’abjure she, together with her fellow martyrs, scratched on the wall of the prison tower the single word Resistez, resist!

The word is still seen and gaped at by tourists on the stone wall at Aigues-Mortes…We do not understand the terrifying simplicity of a religious commitment which asks nothing of time and gets nothing from time. We can understand a religion which enhances time…But we cannot understand a faith which is not nourished by the temporal hope that tomorrow things will be better. To sit in a prison room with thirty others and to the day change into night and summer into autumn, to feel the slow systemic changes within one’s flesh: the drying and wrinkling of the skin, the loss of muscle tone, the stiffening of the joints, the slow stupefaction of the senses-to feel all this and still to persevere seems almost idiotic to a generation which has no capacity to wait and to endure.

Great workout with enthusiastic pax! Felt good to hit ol’ fashion anearobic exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger style. Will definitely rinse and repeat this in the future.

The closed circuit allowed for ample conversation regarding important items such as Memphis best BBQ joints, YHCs Ms puzzlement with where the credit card charges with “Momas” is coming from, and The Streaks renewed lease on his knee after a successful trip to the Orthopaedist.
3rd F, Saturday 2/16 see slack for details.

Sprints in the Garage

AO: The Barracks – 2/15/19

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: Cool, 50*


Started by Bottomless while YHC was setting up some cones in the parking garage.

Once I arrived I disclaimed as well.


Bottomless led the PAX in one lap around the track with some butt kickers, karaoke, etc.

YHC led a second lap around the track, hands raised on the first straight away (to which Bottomless asked “Are you serious?” Understandable…we’ve never done anything as odd as running with our hands in the air before…we all had a good laugh). Mosey backwards around the curve, side shuffle down the second straight away back to the pad for some stretching.

Mosey to the parking garage. YHC had cones set at three intervals – 50 yards, 60 yards, 100 yards – on one of the inclines in the garage. We did the following sprints (sprint uphill one way, downhill back the other way):

  • 10 – 50-yard sprints (uphill 5 times, downhill 5 times); rest 30 seconds between each sprint
  • Recover 90 seconds
  • 8 – 60-yard sprints (uphill 4 times, downhill 4 times); rest 30 seconds between each sprint
  • Recover 90 seconds
  • 6 – 100-yard sprints (uphill 3 times, downhill 3 times); rest 30 seconds between each sprint
  • Mosey back to the pad for some Mary


  • Flutter kicks (with varying speeds) (IC) – 35
  • Crunch Jacks (IC) – 12
  • Freddie Mercury (IC) – 20
  • High Plank – 30 seconds
  • Low Plank – 20 seconds
  • Peter Parkers in low plank (IC) – 10
  • American Hammer (IC) – 15


10 – Bottomless, MIB, Teacher’s Pet, Crayfish, Nature Boy, Jail Bait, Dewey, Beauty Shop, Easily Amused, Handsy (QIC)


Last week Bottomless shared about how “you are what you behold.” He challenged us to consider the types of people and things that we put around ourselves to make sure that those things were building up, etc.
I was convicted in that I started thinking about who am I being for others to behold? What do my kids, co-workers, friends, wife, etc. see in me that effects who they are becoming? I challenged all of us to recognize that we are always teaching others with our actions…are we being good teachers or bad?


Sprinting is hard and kind of sucks. Sprinting with your brothers makes it better.

TCLAPS to Nature Boy for providing PLC!!!

Service opportunity TOMORROW (Saturday), check announcements channel for details.

Cardio for Captain O

THE SCENE: 49ish – Fair
Dynamic/Cardio Warm UP
– SSH x 25
All other stretches done while moving feet (jog in place)
– Leg Swing FWD (hammys)
– Leg swings side to side (groins)
– Donkey Kicks
– Knee Up donkey kicks
– 12 push-ups, just because

Well, all this time I’ve had all my training equipment in the back of the Truck, so may as well use it.

Cardio circuits in the Car Park
Groups of 4, pair up with people in similar fitness levels or someone you can push to beat – Each Group at a circuit for 4:30 minutes then move on to next one.

#1 – 80 yard CMU shuddle run (sprint 80 yards, grab CMU, run and carry CMU 80 yards back to start -then partner goes)

#2 – Wheel Barrel Push-Up.  (using 5 parking spaces) hand walk 3 yards, do 1 push up, 3 yards, 2 push ups, 3 yards, 3 pushups, all the way to 5.  Then Pushupper runs back to start with wheelbarrel holder on piggyback. Switch partners. (bear crawl to modify)

#3 – Resistant Band 40 yard sprints.  (2 bands, partner holds band, while other partner sprints forward with band around waist. Switch partners every 40 yards)

#4 – Agility Ladders.  Race partner through agility ladder, sprint thru line.  If you lose you’re down for a burpee. (change up footwork)

#5 – LA GALAXY RING LADDERS.  2 sets of 6 rings were set out for two lines to compete with other group of 2.  6 rings were all 3 yards apart, forming two squares.  2 items placed inside the front two rings to start.  Runner must manuever items diagonally and indivudally to the end and back.  All items must be placed in the ring to count.  When finished next person in line is released to go.  (lots of footwoork, cutting, turning, shuffingly, squatting, happening here) Lots of mental work here.

Mosied back to StartX. Ended exactly on time!

17 PAX
ProntoPup, HaxSaw, Whachitah, Captain Obvious, Coach K, CheeseSteak, Peek-a-Boo, Hello Kitty, Nissan, SlicNut, Sparky, CapriSun, Pops, Kilo, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Dial-Up

Just spoke about a weakness I know I have and the importance to spend more time with family and most importantly my wife.  Having the courage and need to shut everything out and just spending time with them and her!  Work is important, but family is more important.  Easier said than done sometimes.


Soccer style work-out, brought out the old lets make fun of the SOCCER GUY jokes!
SlicNut said he looks like a European.  German!?
CapriSun got Donkey Kicked by ProntoPup during wheel barrel pushups.
MeterMaid was neither there nor late.
Sparky slipped on ladders, faceplanted.  I told him to lift his feet.
CapriSun kept referring to DialUp as Slots by accident, he went with his for most of the workout.
More bad soccer jokes. A ball wasn’t even involved!

Only a couple weeks left on F3 shirt order.


THE SCENE: Crisp, cool with clear skies

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC

Mosey to the stairs near The Ruins parking lot.  There are 70 total stairs from Front up to the landing near the parking lot.  We would start at the bottom of the stairs and perform the following up the stairs x 2:

  • Quick Step (lead with the same foot on every step) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • Skip (plyometric jump skipping steps each time) x 2 (70 stairs)
  • Lateral (facing left/right going up the stairs) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • Lunge (every other stair) x 2 (70 stairs)
  • Squat Jump (each step for the first 15 stairs then sprint to the top) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • “Grizzcalator”: In plank position, ascend the stairs doing a merkin on each step
  • Everest: Lunge and bring feet to the same stair and do a squat alternating the leading foot x 2 (140 stairs)

Mosey back to the parking lot.  With the last 10 minutes, we did 11’s with a run in between exercises.  Two exercises were BBS and Carolina Dry Docks.  All PAX completed 11’s routine at 0615.

13 PAX (no FNGs; 1 Willy Loman – Rusty from Naperville, IL) Bottomless (QIC), MIB, Chocker, Sir-Mix-Alot, Handsy, Hitch, Easily Amused, Low Note, Crayfish, Chiocetti,  Woodpecker, Four Eyes
Shared the common thread of the COTs that I’ve heard this week about difficulty, and failure.  The idea of a stair workout is overwhelming.  You look up at 70 stairs and have to come to grips with the reality that ascending those stairs will be difficult.  This is especially true if you have to do this multiple times.  However, this seemed a lot less daunting in community.  Having brothers there for encouragement and, simply, to be there during a hard time.  Christ does not make any promises that this life will be easy, but he does promise us that he will always be with us.  We do not thrive in isolation; however, we can do hard things in community…even if its flights and flights of stairs.

4 PAX showed up to complete the 86 for 86 challenge before boot camp this AM.  Great cause and enjoyed putting in this work with Woodpecker, Choker, and Bookworm.

Service project saturday…see slack for details


THE SCENE:  50, slight breeze.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Delivered in triplicate.


Squats x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Arm Circles / Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC (each)
SSH x 50 IC
Windmill x 10 IC


QIC brought a 60# sandbag and a 40# sandbag, courtesy of Shoestring.  One PAX performs specified number of reps of an exercise with a sandbag (he chooses weight) while the other PAX (sandbagless) perform AMRAP of an exercise.  Once PAX with sandbag finishes set, the next PAX takes his turn with the bag.  Round is over when each PAX has performed set with sandbag.  There were five PAX, so this was going to be a burner.

Round 1:  Burpees x 10 / Merkins AMRAP
Round 2:  Squats x 15 / Squats AMRAP
Round 3:  Curls x 20 / Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP
Round 4:  Alternating Lunge Jumps x 15 / Reverse Lunges AMRAP
Round 5:  Burpees x 10 / Merkins AMRAP


Flutterkicks x 25 IC
American Hammer x 25 IC
LBCs x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  5 PAX (1 FNG) – Sonic, Speedy, Tremor, Toms (QIC), Bedbug (FNG)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  If you want to get stronger, you have to lean into your weakness.  E.g., “How do I get better at pull-ups?”  “Do pull-ups.”

MOLESKIN:  Much mumblechatter.  At one point, Speedy understandably reached for the 40# bag, and Sonic observed and criticized him over to the 60#.  Sandbags are amazing.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Service Project on Saturday.  QSchool at Mothership on Saturday.

CMU Friday

THE SCENE:  A very comfortable dry 50 degrees at the shiniest AO in F3 Memphis!
Disclaimer was mentioned!
With your CMU, mosey to the center of the field through the far end of the parking lot
  • 30 SSH IC
  • 15 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15 Hillbillies IC
  • 15 Good Mornings IC

Mosey to parking lot with your CMU


Competition (10 Min)
You and your “partner” stand at opposite sides (width) of the parking lot.You: Farmer’s carry 2 x CMUs across the field and sprint back; begin doing max squats.Your partner: while waiting for the CMUs: max rep squats. When CMUs arrive, farmer’s carry back to competitor sprint back to position; continue doing squats.

Partnered Up:
P1 will Bear Crawl  to the 3rd tree and back
P2 will work with a CMU through the following until P1 is back the flap jack:

  • 50 Overhead Presses
  • 100 Squats
  • 150 BBSU
  • 200 Curls
Not enough time, finished the 200 curls as the clock struck 6:15.
5 PAX, no FNGs
John 3:18
Discussion on judging others. While competition is good to push beyond our comfort, it’s important to not over compare ourselves and judge others.
Great effort today by everyone, TClap to Fugitive for crushing the competition and destroying everyone else’s numbers, solid work by Tree Hugger for not modifying the Bear Crawl (even through he went to the fourth tree the first round), Orkin showed back up and out in solid work and crushed the CMU curls and AOQ modified the crap out of this but still pushed himself! Way to get stronger today!
Continue to push on the Equinox challenge and venture out of your comfort zone and meet other F3 PAX that you do not normally see.