September 13, 2017

Posted @The Levee

AO: The Levee (Houston Levee Park)

QIC: Escobar

PAX: F150, C-Lo, Woody, O Positive, Megatron, Escobar

Conditions: 60F in a steady, mist (remnants of Hurricane Irma)



Arm Circles x 15 Each Arm
Squats IC x 15
Leg Swings IC x 15
Apollo Ono’s IC x 15
Cotton Picker IC x 15

* mosey to “lit” parking lot near baseball fields*

The Thang

Group Work
Mini Jacob’s Ladder – Run to line 1 burpee, run back 2 burpees – add up to 10 burpees
Mountain Climbers IC X 20
Big Boy Sit ups X 15

Find a partner
P1: Hold Plank
P2: Shuttle run 3, 6 and 9 parking spaces
Rinse and Repeat (total 3 sets)
P1: Plank position – rotate in circles
P:2 Frog Jump 5 parking spaces and return with lunge walk
Rinse and Repeat (total 3 sets)
P1: Plank Climb up bleacher and back down Each seat is 1 rep – X 20
P:2 Bird Dogs X 20
Rinse and Repeat (total 3 sets)

Peoples Chair for 2 min


Mosey around parking area

Crunchy Frog IC X 15
Side Plank Leg Raises IC X 20 (10 on each side)
Box Cutters IC X 15
Hello Dollys IC X 15



COT / BOM: Romans 12:2 – Do not be conformed to this world, be transformed.  Encouragement for looking different to those close to you.  The love of stuff makes the man of God look like the world.

Moleskin: 6 PAX showed up in the misty morning rain.  That was 5 more that I expected.  Discussion about smack talk opportunities for the EMMs (East Memphis Millennials).  Effort was made by Q to keep the GEN Xers out of the puddles as much as possible.  Thanks to Woody millennials were represented but he did not conform, he was transformed.