February 5, 2018

Post Super Bowl Beatdown

THE SCENE: Dark, cold and windy, 20°F

  • SSH x 41 IC (since the Eagles scored 41 points)
  • 2 capri laps around the lot (because a football game has 2 halves)
  • SSH x 33 IC (since the Patriots scored 33 points)

Mosey to turf field

The theme was the Super Bowl so I spelled out Eagles and Patriots and chose an exercise for each letter.

Performed 2 circuits:

  • Eagles x 9 & 13 (Number of points they scored in the 1st and 2nd quarter)
  • Patriots x 3 & 9 (Number of points they scored in the 1st and 2nd quarter)
  • Empty Wheelbarrow (partner up and do 20 yards each way)  odd numbered PAX member bear crawled
  • Air Squared IC (total of 22)
  • Groiners IC (total of 22)
  • Low Country Crab IC (total of 22)
  • Empty Wheelbarrow (partner up and do 20 yards each way)  odd numbered PAX member bear crawled (second time around Q Omahaed to Elbow Plank for 30 seconds)
  • Seal Jacks IC (total of 22)
  • Pickle Pounders IC (total of 12)
  • Air Squared IC (total of 12)
  • Tony Hawk Burpees OYO (total of 12)
  • Rockette Hillbillies IC sort of (total of 12)
  • Imperial Walkers IC (total of 12)
  • One Handed Alternating Planks (held each side for 30 seconds)
  • Turkish Getups OYO (total of 12)
  • Shoulder Taps IC (total of 12)


  • LBC IC x 33
  • Outlaw IC x33
  • Reverse Crunches IC x 33



9 PAX came to work today.   Dodgeball, Moneyball, Raven, Reboot, O Positive, C-Lo, Bocephus, Rabbit

With the theme of the Super Bowl fresh in my head, Rabbit spoke to the PAX about leadership.  Rabbit was intrigued by Eagles QB, Nick Foles, desire to become a pastor after his football career is over.  One of the post Super Bowl articles Rabbit led said that Nick Foles wasn’t scared or timid.  He had a quiet confidence about him and he just got the job done.   God has given us many great examples of leaders in the Bible that we can take, learn from and apply to our lives.  A couple of examples are Daniel (remember the lion’s den) and David (who was will willing to fight the giant Goliath when everyone else was afraid).  We are all called to be leaders in life  – to lead our wives, our children to be leaders in our work.  Seek out opportunities to quietly lead and get the job done daily wherever God has called you to be.

1 Timothy 4:12 – Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
Q went back and forth on the number of reps we would do of each exercise – the first iteration had us do 41 of each of the Eagles exercises and 33 of the Patriots (not IC) however as I drove to the Lair this morning I thought perhaps splitting it into quarters would be better.  Looking back, I should have split it into halves 🙂

Also Q learned a valuable lesson about time management.  A lot of the exercises we did today were new to the Q and to the PAX so a good bit of time had to be spent explaining the exercises.  Something for all to keep in mind when you Q.  Factor that time into your workout.

  • Prayers for Bombay – has a job interview Wednesday
  • Continue to pray for Dirty Deeds who lost his wife last Sunday
  • Prayers for Soybean’s mom who is undergoing chemotherapy
  • Prayers for Rabbit’s friend’s wife Lauren who is expecting (32 weeks) and had to go into the ER with contractions


  • Tobey Park AO Launch on Tuesday 2/6 Four Eyes on Q
  • Barracks RUCK Scavenger Hunt Wednesday 2/7 Soybean on Q
  • BLACK OPS Bert Ferguson Park (bring a ruck) Thursday AM 2/8 Slots on Q