February 8, 2021

Post Game Calorie Burner

About 35 degrees with no wind – nice February weather. Cantore and Hobo finished up strong pre-runs prior to the start. Pax were early…a number were there at 0520 ready to get after it!




Side straddle hops IC x 20

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Merkins IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Arm Circles x 10 Front and Back

Stretch on your own 20 seconds

Mosey to the top of the park


Work in pairs to achieve the following cumulative. First group to reach the goal calls out to end the round. Indian run to opposite side of the park, then next round begins.

75 Burpees

125 Squats

150 Dips

75 Merkins

50 Lunge Walks


Ladder Ball

Break into 2 groups. Person from each group throws a single ball for total of 3 balls/ 3 people

Winner (highest points) group does 10 (1 is 1) mountain climbers

Looser (lowest points) group does 10 burpees

If three throws are missed in a row, then both teams do 15 spiderman merkins



Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Big Boy Situps IC x 20

Box Cutters IC x 15

LBCs IC x 20

Pickle Pounders IC x 15

Freddie Mercurys IC x 20

Hold plank, high and low about a minute until 6:15

11 PAX – Baby Back, Bender, Black Diamond, Cantore, Captain Obvious, Carver, Hobo, Hot-N-Ready, Oneder, Rocket Launcher, Yoga Matt


This week’s Q-Source Topic is Language. Like many of you, when coming to my first workouts, I had no clue what all the terms meant. However, I soon began to see the intentionality in the terms. Language is what creates Advantage. Without it, culture tends to denature words…. like the word accountability. It really means nothing to society. Applying specific terms to words that connect to the mission is important and its why we use special terms within F3. One “organization” that each of us lead is our family. The challenge is to ensure that we are using terms intentionally for words that link to our family’s mission/ values. This not only reinforces focus and alignment but also creates a legacy (through words) that can be passed on to future generations.


Great turn-out the morning after the big game. Glad to see others kicking off the week to get better.

We indian ran hard to burn game calories and there was a need for a quick count down to let everyone catch their breadth before the next round started. We wanted to push our selves but also ensure No Man Is Left Behind.

I brought ladder ball back since we only played a few minutes at Six Wicket several weeks ago. A good way to change up the work and have some fun.

We did a lot of spiderman merkins due to the 3 miss rule on Ladder Ball. Would likely modify that in the future to increase the competition aspect.

Oneder and Rocket Launcher finished LB with a sudden death round; Rocket Launcher nailed the first throw which leads me to believe he had been sand bagging on us.

Prayed for Cantore’s family. His daughter, Olivia, has kidney surgery tomorrow.

Yoga Matt’s VQ is on Thursday at Blazing Saddle.

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