June 12, 2020

PLC Feast – Bananas, Casserole, Donuts, and Uncrustables

Perfect weather. 60’s. No clouds.

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer:
No FNGs, but I saw a lot of new faces so I disclaimed and shared the 5 core principles.


  • [10 Hand-Release Merkins IC + 10 SSH IC] x 3
  • Mosey around parking lot


  • Circuit 1, x5
    • 0:20 Burpee, 0:10 rest
    • 0:20 SSH, 0:10 rest
  • Mosey
  • Circuit 2, x5
    • 0:20 Carolina Dry Dock, 0:10 rest
    • 0:20 Jump Squat, 0:10 rest
  • Mosey
  • Circuit 3,  x4
    • 0:20 Merkin, 0:10 rest
    • 0:20 Bonnie Blair, 0:10 rest
  • Mosey
  • Circuit 4, x4
    • 0:20 Shoulder Taps, 0:10 rest
    • 0:30 Low Plank  (NO REST)
  • Mosey
  • Circuit 5, x4
    • 0:30 balls to the wall, 0:10 rest
    • 0:30 single leg wall sit, 0:10 rest


  • 30 Flutter Kicks IC
  • 15 WW1 Situps IC
  • Bear Crawl 20 yards
  • 15 Box Cutters IC
  • 10 Dog Pointers IC
  • 0:30 Low Plank

16 PAX: Couch Potato, Double Vision, Farmer, Gilligan, Gomer, Grimace, Gun Show, Hobo, Jet Blue, Lager, Lochte, Photoshop, Rabbit, Slater, Tremor, Wheezer


I’ve journaled off and on over the last several years but it seemed to be weekly at best and monthly most of the time. I was recently encouraged/challenged by Speaker to try and write in it daily. I’ve enjoyed the journaling and I definitely think it is a great habit, but a lot of what I think is valuable is being able to read old posts. For example, I was re-reading an entry from late last year, before I came to F3, and it was kind of hard to read. Essentially I was writing how blessed I was and how grateful I was for the wonderful life I had yet I was having a lot of depressed feelings and feeling like crap. I was exercising solo, taking trips, reading books, but I was missing something (camaraderie, male friendship). Since F3 became part of my life in the last 5 months I haven’t had those same feelings and haven’t written about them in my journal. I know there are more people out there who feel the same way as me and I think I need to try and put forth more effort in helping them by asking them to join. Challenge: invite someone to F3.

Tabata was a good workout but slightly more involved to Q (at least the first time; getting used to the timers/music/etc). I got wrapped up a little bit in the workout and forgot to watch the 6, but Lochte helped remind me. Speaker helped encourage me not to be afraid to Q my strengths. By Qing your strengths, you give the PAX something to strive towards.

The PLC was strong today. We had coffee, bananas, Uncrustables, and hash-brown/sausage/cheese casserole! Thank you Photoshop, Gun Show, and Grimace!

Gun Show shared a nice word about Farmer and presented him with a Tennessee flag signed by the PAX at the workout as a going away gift.

Workout Date: