February 17, 2021

Playing with Garage Furniture

THE SCENE:   Warming trend, up 15 degrees from yesterday.  Global Warming, whoops, I mean ‘Climate Change’ is for real.  The back shocks got a reprieve once I unloaded the 250 lbs of sand and bags.  Prince Ali stacked his bags and even Finch came with a new ruck.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed, NO Disclaimer.   Crap, I don’t want to be fired.  Luckily Prince Ali didn’t notice.

WARM-O-RAMA:   Strapped on and picked up the weight.  Rucked to the parking garage.


Rucks off, 10 Sandbag Burpee cleans OYO

Rucks on, Bear Crawl Bag drag half way up level.

Bag clean and Thruster toss to the 2nd Level.  Ruck back for the 120 bag.  Rucks off, 10 Sandbag Burpee cleans OYO

Rucks on, Overhead carry to the 3rd Level.  Ruck back for the 120 bag.

Rucks off, 10 Sandbag Burpee cleans OYO

Rucks on, Duck walk half way up the level.  Crab walk back for the bags.

Bag clean and Thruster toss to the 4rth Level. Back for the 120.

Rucks off, 10 Sandbag Burpee cleans OYO

Rucks on. Bags up. Rucked back to startex.

MARY: JANE:  Upright rows x 10 IC, Overhead Press x 10 IC, Kettle Bell swings x 10 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  3 PAX, Prince Ali, Tomb Raider, Finch

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Savor the moment.  Yep, its cold and snowy and a bit icy now.  It’ll be humid and 85 before we know it.  We did this workout Dec. 16th over two months ago.  It seems like yesterday.

Yesterday, we were running a mile around the Berm, couldn’t feel my arms or hands let alone fingers, and I made a remark that it’d be August in a heart beat.

Don’t look ahead to much and miss what’s in front of you.  Three a day practices in Football camp sucked.  We found ourselves dreading the next routine, the next practice, and we longed for the breaks in between.  Soon we realized that we spent our breaks dreading the next thing and spent our practices longing for the breaks.  Sometimes we just need to embrace the suck and enjoy each moment.

Don’t dread or long your life away.

MOLESKIN:   The cold temps just suck the wind out of you.  We were slow today and the cold snow covered pavement were hard on the hands.  Going back for the 120 dragged us down as well.  However, I was glad to be with Finch and Prince Ali.  At the end we stood around warm and content.  We definitely noticed how our bodies were adjusting to the cold temps over the last few days.  40 degree mornings are going to feel great again.  I felt bad for the police officer cruising up and down the parking garage.  He just stared at us with his windows cracked.  It was probably too hot in his squad car.  I thought I caught a glimmer of regret in his eye as he probably wished he was with us crab walking through snow with a 40 lb ruck on.  Yeah, that was it.  He definitely wished he could have joined us.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Post and see those Tentpolians Burpee off their frozen nips!

Tomb Raider
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