February 3, 2021

Pit path

Cold temps but not windy. Croissant rolled in wearing shorts which was impressive until he mentioned he couldn’t find pants. Granola biked in shirtless. It did not appear that he did this because he could not locate his shirt.


SSH x 20 IC
Tempo Squat x 10 IC

Mosey to “middle of the parking lot”
1 burpee every time you come across a parking lot line.
*Note: There is ample parking at the Pit (+/- 25)

Hit the path for a tour of the pit’s amenities. Crossing the street here is no joke, stay alert!

Chilly as we approached the lake side of the path.
Sprint to next lightpole, 10 merkins, repeat.
Approximately 10 poles.

Mosey back across the street (head on a swivel!)

Approaching “rapeville” (incredibly dark area of the park with no lighting) we did another lightpole evolution
10 BBSUs, advance to next pole. 5 poles

Mosey along the path back to the well lit area. Under the safety of the lights and for the benefit of a few nearby pedestrians
Howling Monkey, start in bottom monkey humper position, one by one, do reps. Mosey to next pole, increase reps. 10 poles
We were short on time, so we got 8-9-10 in a burnout finish.

Back to parking lot, we burpee walked the parking lot with 2 burpees at each line.

Hello Dolly x 15IC
Freddie Mercury x15 IC
Pickle Pounders x15 IC
Flutterkicks x25 IC



An impactful book I once read: The Power of Moments
Moments are created by the delta between expectation and reality. If your brain expects pain and instead experiences delight, it is magnified as opposed to expecting and receiving delight. New Year’s Eve is a classic example. It’s usually a letdown because expectations are high. When a good friend happens by on a random Tuesday night – that exceeds your expectation and a moment is created.

One tool to increase the impact of a moment is to drop someone into a valley (lowering expectations) before catapulting them out (creating delight). Use this carefully.

Attempting to apply this book a few years ago, I planned to watch the Grizzlies game on TV with my son. As his bedtime approached I told him we weren’t going to be able to watch the game on TV. He cried. I then told him we couldn’t because we were headed to the arena to see it in person. Boom: instant memory!

Challenge: Create a moment for someone you love today. 

This “path” requires crossing several streets. NBD early in the morning, but suboptimal in general.

Choker’s monkey humper form is only outclassed by his pickle pounder form. He also shared a “moment” his Mom created – was supposedly headed to dentist but ended up at a theme park (A+ work Mom, he still remembers that day fondly!)

I don’t recommend this, but I completely abandoned by planned Q upon arrival. It all worked out in the end. YHC hopes the parking lot burpee walk becomes a Pit staple. Glad we added it, otherwise we would have missed Junkyard who rolled up with the sweetest wheels I’ve ever seen at an F3 workout.


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