May 3, 2018

Picnic at the Morg: Part 2

THE SCENE: Warm, dry and mild. Great for exercising. Joined up with a bunch of the PAX for preruck and early morning banter and Granola who was strapped with 2 ruck sacks and carrying 2 kettle bells. Halfway through (preruck) was pleasantly surprised with a celebrity guest appearance from Shoestring who promptly disappeared into the gloom to run who knows how many miles.

Began with O Positives usual reminder of the F3 Mission and finished with our disclaimer.

By this time we were joined by another celebrity guest with Cowbell. (Slots has dual citizenship and is considered by YHC to be a Morglian.) Was happy to see his intensity as always.

Choker was demanding a 500 word essay from all PAX who did not post at the Morg on Monday following our sad (but temporary) loss of the KoTB flag. Hope the power of an AOQ is not too intoxicating.

Mountain Climbers IC 12
Goof Balls IC 12

Phat Pat strolled in a few minutes late, hair and beard impeccable.

Burpees OYO 10
Slow Mosey around the Parking Lot.
(Bob Ross should have really run 2 laps)

Imperial Walkers IC 12
Hillbillies IC 12
Burpees OYO 10

Indian Run from Startex to the Pavillion.

Picnic table carries.
PAX divided into groups of 4 or 5 each to a table.

Tables were flipped upside down and carried down
Bartlett Blvd. (on the sidewalk) and through
the Parks current expansion area.

Main concern was safety (followed by park security giving us a lifelong ban for tampering with county property.)

PAX did great with the table carries though. YHC even had to convince Bootheel to take his rucker off first!

Exercises performed between carries:

Derkins IC 10
Carolina Dry Docks IC 10
Merkins IC 10 (Shoestring)
Shoulder Taps IC 15 (Choker)

Sprint from Pavilion to Startex.
PAX held plank until all-in.

The Dying Cockroach IC X 12
Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light-a Slots special.
Big Boy Situps X 10 (White Castle because he said he is a Big Boy)
Flutter Crunches X 9 (Mr. Wonderful)

Shoulder Blasters led by Shoestring to finish us off.

30 overhead presses
30 arm raises with thumbs up
30 arm raises with thumbs down


Zima, Tree Hugger, Slots, Cowbell, Mr. Wonderful, Bob Ross, Phat Pat, Shoesting, Green Monster, Jasmine, Commie, Granola, Sleep Number, Part Timer, Cello, Bootheel, White Castle, Choker, Orange Julius.


Over the weekend YHC and the M traveled to Columbus, Ohio for a Bible conference. There were 6 hours on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday. I had a great time listening to exposes on the Word of God. When it came time to leave, we were not on the road for 15 minutes when another driver made me absolutely furious on the road. Inwardly, I was seething with anger.

Shortly thereafter, I was filled with a tremendously sick feeling. How can I call myself a Christian, spend a day and a half studying the Bible, listening to Godly sermons and then forget it all in a heated moment? It is not even logical, let alone Christian.

Proverbs 24:16 states that a just man will fall 7 times but riseth up again.

Several Scripture verses went through my mind as I attempted to rise up again.

Acts 13:22 states that David was a “Man after Gods own Heart.”

While it easy to see Davids Godly attributes we also know that he committed murder, adultery, deception, among other terrible sins.

God sees his children differently than how Man sees them.

James 2:13 says Mercy triumphs over judgement.

We, as humans, know our own failings, weaknesses, short-comings and faults. God sees us with all of these flaws and yet, we are still his children. Through his grace we can continue to rise from our fallings and learn lessons from our mistakes.

PAX thoroughly impressed YHC as usual. No matter what Zima says he does great…and then goes and works out 3 more times.

Prayer requests for White Castles shoulders as well as Green Monsters friend who is going through a particular tough time.

SOS opportunity May 5th after Mothership BC.