November 6, 2019

Pickle Pounder Free Partner Party



  • Mosey around the parking lot (Follow me)
  • SSH IC x 25
  • Windmills IC x 10
  • Daisy Pickers IC x 10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 15
  • Overhead Claps IC x 15



Indian Run to skate park – we did this in 2 lines

  • P1:  Mosey to top of fence and return to P2
  • P2: Start on exercise

4 rounds & exercises were:

  • Box Jumps
  • Calf Raises
  • Merkins
  • Squats

Plank until all in between each round

Indian Run back to flag


  • P1: moseys a loop around the parking lot (quickly modified to end of the parking lot and back)
  • P2:  Starts on exercises
  • When P1 gets back he picks up where P2 left off with exercises.

Exercises were as follows:

  • 100 American Hammers w/ CMU
  • 150 Overhead Presses w/ CMU
  • 200 CMU Curls
  • 250 CMU Squats


More partner fun.

  • P1: Hold CMU above head and start walking (goal was to go all the way around the parking lot)
  • P2:  Perform 5 burpees, then mosey to P1 and switch roles.


  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Hello Dollys IC x 10
  • Dealers Choice – J-Los IC x 10 (thanks Tomb Raider)

20 PAX, no FNGs.  Rocket Launcher, Slicnut, Raven, Red Light, Farmer, Steinbrenner, C-Lo, Gas Mask, Pronto Pup, Sully, Tomb Raider, Slater, Leaf Blower, Boudreaux, Pebbles, Snowman, Burp Cloth, Datsun, Dirty Bird, Rabbit (QIC)

Science says that we need at least 4 basic elements to survive.

  1. Water
  2. Air
  3. Food
  4. Light

And look what the Bible tells us about Jesus.

  1. I am the Living Water
  2. I am the Breath of Life
  3. I am the Bread of Life
  4. I am the Light of the World


  • Always great to see Tomb Raider come for a visit, great to see Sully, Pronto Pup and Raven back out (although quite frankly I didnt know you hadnt been there since I don’t post at the Levee regularly (shame on me).

Observations:  SO MANY this morning.  I did NOT want to come to F3 this morning.  I didn’t feel good physically and mentally I wasn’t feeling strong either.  Nevertheless, I got up at 0430 when my alarm went off and went downstairs and sat there for what seemed like an eternity.  I had many doubts in my head about what I had planned which continued during my drive.  I even had a brief thought that maybe I would get a flat tire and then I wouldn’t have to Q…terrible I know.  I got to the Levee about 15 minutes early and hoped the Qdrenaline would set in.  I retrieved my CMUs and others started rolling in and I could feel the community juices flowing and even though I was still questioning everything, I knew these men were relying on me to make them better and stronger so I sucked it up and lead us through the exercises marking them off 1 by 1.   When we were all done, everyone (except Tomb Raider of course) looked kind of tired so I knew I had done a good thing.  I felt a little bit energized from the PAX and encouraged by everyone there who was working hard to get better!  I didnt mention any of this in my BOM although thinking back on it now, I probably should have.  It’s ok and I would say a good thing for guys to be vulnerable with others guys and share your fears, your struggles, and put it out there because more than likely other guys have been there or are currently there right now.  Don’t be afraid to be REAL with a brother.

  • Prayers for O Positive, Slater, PAX who will be doing the GoRuck Tough / Light, Homie and Commie in the Army


  • GoRuck Tough and Light this weekend
  • November Monthly Challenge:  100 merkins per day outside of boot camp
  • Join “Fight For Micah” marathon team to support Pirtle and St. Jude
  • Potter has his VQ at the Morg on Friday 11/8
  • Barracks and Lair also now meet on Saturdays from 0530-0615