May 7, 2018

Phat Pat’s Party Arms

70 degrees and slightly muggy. Perfect for hot coffee in the parking lot afterwards, per Capt Obs super Obvi Observation.

Said all the things!


Slicnut suspected what was coming and slunk away to retrieve more CMU’s right as Warm-O-Rama began even though YHC said to bring extras on the front end… smh smh. Captain Obvious went with Slicnut to retrieve more CMU’s, primarily to make sure Slicnut returned.

CMU Curls x100 IC! (Our conquering heroes returned to jump in around 55ish)
SSH x30 IC
Deep Squats x15 IC
Wide Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse Reverse! x10 IC

It’s another arms day fellas… PAX performed a coupon Indian Run around the parking lot and then into the baseball field, around the diamond, and posted up along the right field line. The original destination was supposed to be the pristine Astroturf of Houston High School, but AOQ must have forgotten to notify the football team of our priority in the use of it. Oh well, modify as necessary, right?

PAX partner up and complete “FATS,” sadly with a “F” instead of a “Ph.” While Partner 1 performs the exercise with the CMU, Partner 2 sprints 30 yards and then Bernie Sanders back (no hill). Flapjack and keep running total until the routine is complete.

Front Squats w/ CMU x100
Abyss Merkins x150 (use CMU’s to get the deep movement)
Tricep Dips x200
Shoulder  Press w/ CMU x250

YHC’s legs and arms were shaking at the final push to complete the Shoulder Press so we performed a 30 second Stargazer before completing the coupon Indian Run back to Startex.


CMU Curls x50 IC! (But keep the core tight this time!)
American Hammers w/ CMU x20 IC
BBSU w/ CMU x15 IC
Dealer’s Choice – Wide Right called for what felt like an eternal 6-inch hold with CMU’s to burn us out at the end. He seemed angry that he kept lifting the concrete blocky thing over and over instead of golfing this gloom and wanted to take it out on us.

8 PAX, no FNG’s

Consider jumping in with the May Manliness challenge (one chapter of Proverbs each day for the month of May). YHC uses Proverbs to meditate on the godly character & wisdom of Christ and then asks God to mold my heart, mind, and character into His. We have eternal life in Christ, but that eternal life is meant to start in this life, change us, and the world around us for God’s glory.

This routine is aptly named Party Arms due to the uncontrollable shaking of the arms upon completion.
Props to Wide Right for helping another PAX who was lightheaded.
The Levee is awesome.
Prayed for Billy Blanks patients who he’d be stabbing with needles and catheters. I think he’s got some forgiveness issues too…
Enjoyed sticking around for PLC at The Levee without having to drive Gus all over Memphis afterwards.
Captain Obvs was a terrific Partner for the beatdown. Would highly recommend to other PAX!
Good work men!

Probs (read all the other BackBlasts so you don’t miss announcements)