March 9, 2018

Phat Pat Phancy Phriday Phoot Races

THE SCENE: Phrosty and Phree skies – Phat Pat on Q! Shoestring COOOO-Q!

QIC rolled in from outside the city limits in his Dodge truck to show these EMM city slickers how we do things in the sticks. Them boys couldn’t had known what was coming.

Was properly disclaimed up to and including “you assume all risk of injury.” – Muy importante!

Two laps around the track
Deep Squats x15 IC (Hold last squat and pulse it till it burns)
Daisy Pickers x20 IC (Executed properly)
Calf Stretch Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse! Reverse!
Stretch what ails you (shoutout to a Four Eyes BB)

Count off – 18 PAX

Q divided the PAX into 4 Heats of 4 Pax each based on perceived speed level (last two Heats had 5). No judgment, just observation and criticism, and all PAX would have a chance to level up! PAX lined up in their Heats. We then performed 100 Meter races. The two winners from a heat moved up (or stayed in 1st Heat) for the next race, the two losers moved down (or stayed in last Heat). Winners had to do five 8-Count Bodybuilders; Losers had to do 10 8-Count Bodybuilders. Don’t lose!

The far left PAX in the Heat behind would call “GO” once the Heat was ready.

100 Meter Races – Losers 10 BB / Winners 5 BB
* Sprint
* Sprint (Phather Abraham goes down! Thanks for sticking around FA)
* Run Backwards (YHC found himself in the last Heat after this one)
* Walk Race! (elbows were flying – lol @ Shoestring)
* Side Shuffle
* Broad Jump!! o.0 (PAX bodies looked like turkey necks at this point)
* Beeeeaaaarr Craaaawwwwwwl (Toms & YHC won their 1st Heat race… and were still LAPPED by Shoestring & Four Eyes – nice work men!)
* Sprint it to win it! (Do your Bodybuilders OYO right after)

In the last race we had Phat Pat (how?), Toms, Shoestring, and Four Eyes. And the fastest East Memphis Millennial was discovered that gloom. If aliens landed and challenged Ph3 Memphis to a Phoot Race, all of our hope would be in none other than… the man, the myth, the harry-shouldered legend: PHOUR EYES!!

QIC rushed the PAX over and circled up for 20 LBC’s IC as time expired

18 PAX, 2 FNG’s (Mater & Bottomless)

Pride is the root of all sin. Pride is bad. But competition doesn’t have to be prideful. If you are humble in your approach to competition, and have similar goals as your brother, then you can compete and sharpen one another to be better. Paul even tells us to “outdo one another in showing honor” (Romans 12:10).

Great job to everyone who competed today! That was fun, and terrible.

YHC used the collective testosterone of the PAX to push ourselves in ways we otherwise probably would not. At one point after the Bear Crawl race half the PAX were laid out, and the other half were walking/modifying to finish. And the Q rejoiced with the angels!

Handsy had a tough time switching heats each time. 🙂
Shout out to Pirtle who consumed souls with the Bear Crawl and would have been in the 1st Heat if we had one more race!
Awesome work FNGs! Way to push on your first workout.

Prayer for: Father Abraham’s leg, guys at the Warrior Center, mercy for us all.

And just like that, after Coffeeteria, YHC rolled down the windows in his Dodge, cranked up the Country to 11, and rolled out of town with black coffee in his gut and an American Spirit on his lips. God bless the U.S. of A.

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