March 10, 2018

Perfect Weather for Partner Exercises

THE SCENE: A beautiful 57 degrees with zero rain to show up



SSH x50 IC 4ct
Slow squats x 15 YHC count
WMD merkins- 10 of each, YHC count
SL RDL IC 4 ct x 12


Mosey towards stage
Bear crawl down the hill
10 push ups
Scalded dawg up the hill
10 push ups
Duck walk down hill
20 squats
Mosey to stage
Partner up
Partner carry x 30 yds down and back (switch)
Soddum situps x 1min
Gomorrah Butt Nuzzlers/ partner hip-ups and over 1 min
Partner Patty-cake (merkins) 1 min
Sqaut hold-1 min, add pulses 30 sec
1 min monkey humpers
30 yd down and back sprints x 5
Front rolls/log rolls 30 yds
Army crawl 30 yds
Broad jump burpee 30 yds
Lunge walk 30 yds
Calf raises on steps by stage
1 min regular
1 min toes in
1 min toes out
Mosey back to flags.    Sprint up the final hill
Suicid Relay—break into two teams
If you aren’t running, you are holding an exercise

13 PAX, 1 FNG (Patches)
YHC talked about some of the truths that he learned at the Sacred Search by Gary Thomas. It sparked the thoughts of the daily prayer for my wife. I encourage you to pray for her daily. Pray to Love, Honor, Cherish, Serve, and Choose her daily. We can get busy and just pass along, but we must be intentional. Challenge was given to do something you do not normally do to serve her (or your girlfriend or anyone besides yourself) this week. Do not do a chore that you have to. Find something new to show that you value their help and want to pitch in.

Prayer requests:  Four Eyes future new family member, Riley. Marrying into the family at a young age. Pray for transition and ability to handle the questions and criticism coming his way.

Patches: Notified that his school does not have a position for him next year at the moment. Pray for peace and comfort while being disappointed. He is a great guy who gives his all and is truly the nicest guy/coach I have worked with. Pray for open doors quickly while uncertainty is on the horizon.

Obviously partner exercises are different and some people (12 PAX) loved the opportunity to make fun of it. I was proud they worked through the new exercises. It was a great morning with great fellowship. Soybean and Phat Pat gloated about staying for a portion of the warm-o-rama so they could have an Irish Goodbye….I do not count it. Sorry fellas.