November 16, 2020

PE Games

A lot colder than I thought it would be. Car thermometer warned me it was “Cold Weather Outside” 36 degrees. However, lots of stars out, really pretty.


Done- Chef and Millennial show up just in time to hear everything.
SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC (Well not IC because I am unable to count and walk at the same time)

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Mnt Man Poopers x 10

Chinook x 10 IC

Tell the PAX this workout was inspired by Farmer mentioning Duck Duck Goose to me.  I thought I could make a decent workout with some classic PE Games

  1. Duck Duck Bear:  PAX form a circle and are in plank position.  The person that is ‘it’ goes around the circle while Bear Crawling, tapping the feet of the PAX saying Duck Duck etc.  When he says Bear he gets chased around the circle by other PAX Bear Crawling.  If you get touched you go to the ‘mush pot’ and do 7 hand release merkins. I meant to say HR Burpees.  After 3 or 4 rounds, tried to do a crab walk, it worked OK but our hands were freezing so went on to next classic PE Game.
  2. Relay Races- we had 3 teams of 3
    1. (Sprint) Cones 30 yds away: PAX 1 Does 15 HR Merkins gets up Sprint to partner 30 yds away. PAX 2 does 15 HR Merkins Sprint to PAX 3 does 15 HR Merkins. Continue until you get back to your original starting point.
    2. (Crab Walk) Moved Cones 10 yds closer: Same premise but you do 15 Bobby Hurleys then crab walk
    3. (Killer Bunnies): 15 Overhead Press
    4. (Bounding): 15 HR Merkins
  3. Man Against the World  (Sharks and Minnows)
    1. One person starts in middle of play area.  All others are at the baseline. Try to make it to other side without getting touched. If you get touched you are it and try to get other PAX.  Try to be last one touched.
    2. Before each round we did an exercise
      1. 10 No surrenders-  Vengeance was the Man that took on the world. (Last one tagged)
      2. 7 HR Burpees- No one was able to be a lonely man going against the world
      3. 20 BBS- Bloomer took on the world, thanks to Photoshop sacrificing himself

Too cold for her, she didn’t show up.

9 PAX: Mudpants (AOQ), Photoshop, Bloomer, Vengeance, Evan Almighty, Chef, Millennial, Paper Trail (QIC), Farmer

Tell people that have made a difference in your life how you feel.  It has been a trying week for me emotionally. I found out that my niece is have some personal problems, a  football player  I coached, that graduated last year, passed away at only 19 years old. And learned my dad has a brain tumor.  I don’t say this to bring everyone down, but I’ve had a little book entitled “Letters to My Dad” for 6 or 7 years and have said multiple times that I will fill out these letters and give it to him.  I never have.  I will be going to my parents home today and I will be sitting and talking with him and sharing stories and letting him know how I love him.  I like listening to people share their stories, but I am not good at sharing my own.  One PAX shared with us how his brother was killed in a car crash and the last thing he had said to his brother was he loved him. Let’s not forget to tell our loved ones how we feel.

F3 guys are great. I had one PAX, I think we have only met once or twice, reach out to me last night asking how my niece is doing.  For him to just think of her is really special.  Vengeance shared how thankful he was for F3 men and how they encouraged him and helped out when he first started coming and was going through a lot of challenging times. The Fellowship and Faith is truly the best part for me.

Still don’t like writing Back Blasts

Today was the best PE Class I have ever taught! Best group of students, except one that had to leave class to go relieve himself in the woods.  I’ll let you figure out who that was.


The Berm is Open Thanksgiving- bring food and see Mudpants transfer power over to Chef

Paper Trail
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