September 20, 2020


THE SCENE: Low 60s. Sparky pre-ran 6 miles of trails and then pooped in the bushes by Start X and had to wipe with a beach towel. Speaker pre-ran 7 miles from his house and then helped me measure out exactly 20 meters (65′ 7.4″) in the parking lot for our workout.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and informed NOT to modify today. Hobo Hundo was offered to the PAX ($100 to first person to splash merlot).


  • 12x Hand Release Merkins IC
  • 20x SSH IC
  • 10x Squat Bender IC

We had a group of solid runners present this morning so we ran 2.5 miles at a decent clip (8:30/mi) to get the blood flowing and make sure we were good and warmed up for the next thing.

PACER Test (

The beep test, also known as the PACER test or PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run), the 20 m Shuttle Run Test (20 m SRT), or the multi-stage fitness test (MSFT), is a running test used to estimate an athlete’s aerobic capacity (VO2 max). The test requires participants to run 20 meters back and forth across a marked track keeping time with beeps. Every minute or so, the next level commences: the time between beeps gets shorter; participants must run faster. If a participant fails to reach the relevant marker in time, they are cautioned. A second caution ends the test for that runner. The number of shuttles completed successfully is recorded as the score of that runner. The score is recorded in Level.Shuttles format (e.g. 9.5).

I had never performed the PACER test before but had wanted to try it ever since my kids told me that they did it in PE. It turns out that none of the PAX had performed it either. We all got somewhere between 7.6-11.1, but Speaker could have kept going for a while. It’s a relatively short test (<15 minutes) and probably about a 800-2000m total running for most guys in F3.

Sparky dry-heaved a bunch, attempting to get the Hobo Hundo ($100) but nothing ever came out.


  • 30x Flutter Kick IC
  • 30x Slow Glute Raise IC (10 both legs, 10 single left, 10 single right)

9: Beauty Shop, Hobo (QIC), Landline, O Positive, Shrink, Sparky, Speaker, Tomb Raider, Yardsale

As I rolled into the parking lot the odometer on my 2009 Honda Fit was at 149,999 miles. I drove 2 laps around the parking lot until it hit 150,000 so I could get this sweet pic:

Americans are drowning in debt. Home, auto, student loans, credit cards, etc. Debt wrecks havoc on families and “money” is the number 1 reason for divorce (according to a few random sites on the internet). Money issues cause stress and stress chokes off communication. A lack of communication leads to breakdowns in trust and the result is often divorce. I primarily wanted to single out auto debt today since it was fresh on my mind.

How many times has someone (friend, co-worker, family member) told you that they just bought a brand new car and the first words out of your mouth are “congratulations!” That is NOT the correct response. You are essentially providing that person with a dopamine rush for going into debt and further encouraging them to buy things they cannot afford. Did you know that auto debt is at an all-time high ( The average loan amount on a new vehicle topped $32,000! It is such common place to “go out and buy a new car” that few people question it but I want to encourage you to think hard and long before obtaining such a large amount of debt for a vehicle. Sure, you might want to try and justify it by saying “I’ll drive it until the wheels fall off” or “used cars are unreliable” or “I want my family to be safe in this dump truck sized SUV”. (a) you won’t drive it until the wheels fall off because you’ll trade it in at the first sign of trouble (b) used cars are not unreliable and arguably they might be more reliable and (c) your family is extremely safe in a smaller, cheaper, more economical vehicle. I’ve only ever owned vehicles with >100k miles my entire life (except my 17 year motorcycle with 20k) and I’ve only once had any sort of major inconvenience related to the age of the vehicle – a radiator hose sprung a leak. I called AutoZone and they delivered it to me on the side of the road and less than an hour later I was on my way. That was a 10 year old 1995 Honda Civic at the time.

I know most of America is doing it (because that’s a good standard to compare yourself to…) but you really don’t have to have the latest, shiniest, largest, most feature-rich vehicle out there. You know what’s way cooler than that pimped out SUV with heated seats that you’re paying a 5+ year lease on? Any vehicle that you paid cash for. Tighten the budget, save up your money, and pay cash for a vehicle. If you have $32k in cash for a new vehicle – sure, go for it (I guess), but for the rest of us who don’t have that kind of money lying around, buy a solid, reliable, economical car that will get you from point A to point B just the same and will cost you less than half of what that new car would cost you.

This topic is a large one and I can’t get into it all here, but in summary: (a) debt is bad for your family (b) purchasing a used vehicle is an easy way to stave off auto debt without sacrificing much else

I like the format of the PACER test and it might be something we can incorporate into a sort of fitness metric for F3 PAX in the near future.

Tomb Raider let everyone know that they could buy a new vehicle from Landline’s wife, as she is a Toyota car salesman.

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