August 3, 2018

Pace yourself

THE SCENE:  Gorgeous.  The weather around 5 am has been amazing.



SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

1600m slow mosey, which included about 100m each of butt kickers, high knees, carioca left facing, and carioca right facing.

SSH until all in.  Stretch what ails you for 30 seconds.  10 penalty burpees to get them out of the way.


Goal was to keep intensity high and allow short period of recovery.  PAX ran 400m at a pushed pace and then broke into groups based on proximity at finish.

In groups, PAX ran 400m at a pushed pace (again, high intensity, but less than a sprint) and then rested one minute.  Repeat 8 times.

(At the 8th time around, YHC lied to the PAX and told them it was the last one.  Naturally, the PAX pushed harder thinking it was the last lap.  Sucks that it wasn’t the last one.  Some groaning.  No one died.  Interesting how there’s usually something left in the tank.)


Flutter kicks (with shoulder blades lifted off the ground) x 30 IC
Freddie Mercury x 30 IC
LBCs (legs at 90 degrees) x 10 IC


22 PAX (2 FNGs).  Tomb Raider, ISS, Party Foul (FNG), Handsy, Soybean, Costello, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Food Fight, Mirage (FNG), Doc Hollywood, Goldilocks, Bottomless, MmmBop, Ups, MIB, Crayfish, Gus, Teacher’s Pet, Father Abraham, Yard Sale, Chauffeur, Toms


YHC has a pretty shallow tank when it comes to physical, emotional, and spiritual endurance.  F3 is helping with all of the above, but I constantly feel the pull to take a “break.”  I lie to myself that wasting time with Netflix and mind-numbing activities will help me recharge and endure discomfort longer.  It won’t.  I can push longer than I want to, and I don’t need as much “down” time as I make myself believe.  YHC encouraged the PAX to challenge their comfort level because we usually have something left in the tank.  Then, when the time to rest comes, focus on things that actually replenish the soul, mind, and body (hint: you won’t find it on a screen).


I love the Barracks.