December 7, 2017

Oz? Oz? Oz?

Pax: Pyrtle, Ghost Dog, Heavyweight, Lazarus, Soybean, Roga, Bookworm, Crayfish, Browns, Mix A Lot, Hall Monitor, Speed Bump, Second Base, Spock, Teacher’s Pet, FourEyes, Cargo, AND 3 FNG’s: Royals, Handsy, and Gingi.

Conditions: Cold, still, 37 degrees.

Warm-O-Rama: SSHx10, Windmillx10, Merkinsx10, Squatsx10.

The Thang: For the next ~35 min, PAX each drew “treats” out of the blue bag of death…last will and testament of former Memphis PAX Oz before moving west. He’s still alive. The exercises we drew, in approximate order, were:

20x Nolan Ryans (“side plank reach-unders”)

20x Carolina Dry Docks

40x Crunchy Frogs

20x Curb Dips

20x 3-way lunges (10 each side)

2:00 Plank Hold

2:00 Bridge Hold

1:00 Power-T Iron Cross

20x Single Leg Pendulums (10 each leg)

20x Spiderman Burpees

40x Lunges (20 each leg)

40x Invisible Jump Ropes (In Cadence = 160 little baby hops)

10x Alternating side planks

20x Burpees

3:00 Wall Sit

Mary: Cargo called cadence for Flutter Kick, American Hammer, Hello Dolly, Shoulder Taps, and ABC’s. Lots of each.

COT: Romans 8:28, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. QIC focused on the last phrase, emphasizing our call and purpose. When we participate in the calling and purpose of the Lord, he works all things out toward that end. These things may or may not be pleasant, but they will accomplish what we were made for.

Pray: Teacher’s Pet lost a cousin, Matt, last week. Pray for his surviving wife as she grieves, and for Teacher’s Pet as he is with family over the coming holidays. Praise God for Pyrtle’s son’s (Micah) health and for St. Jude/Babalu event.

Moleskine: This was tough. Great mumblechatter about cadence, Oz’s death bag, and the modifications of some involved. It’s gloomy out there.