June 28, 2018

Over the Hills and Far Away in Collierville

THE SCENE: Low 80s; very humid. Dreaming of 32 degree mornings.

Welcomed C-Lo; disclaimer referenced (implicit promise from C-Lo not to sue YHC).

Didn’t need it. Too excited for Tha Thang.

The PAX moseyed to the hill/mound that mysteriously rises out of nowhere in the field near the usual parking area.  YHC then pulled three yard dice out of his bag, which the PAX would roll to determine their exercise fate.  One die identified the exercise PAX 1 would perform (either running up the hill with a weighted backpack, bear crawling up the hill with a weighted backpack, or backwards crab walking up the hill without the backpack).  The second die identified how many times PAX 1 had to perform that exercise.  The third die identified the exercise PAX 2 would perform while PAX 1 completed his trips up the hill (burpees, merkins, mountain climbers, BBSUs, SSHs, or jump squats).  Once PAX 1 finished his required number of trips up the hill, the PAX switched places.

Hello Dollys IC x 15
Reverse box cutters IC x 15

2 PAX (C-Lo and Meter Maid (QIC)); no FNGs.

Our circumstances may change and we might be on the receiving end of some unexpected news, but God’s character does not change.

With Captain Obvious’s blessing, YHC took PLF to the Lair.  Some might say that two grown men making and drinking frappes next to a public restroom in a suburban park in the early hours of the morning is bizarre – and they would be right. But then those same people would taste the deliciousness of the cold frappe in the early morning heat, understand, and give knowing head nods.

C-Lo encouraged YHC to consider GrowRuck, citing in particular the comradery of the PAX.