September 10, 2018

Over and Out.


The Levee: 64 degrees with an ever so slight chill in the gloom

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3 | 5 Core Principles

*Imperial Walkers x 22 IC (In motion, clock-wise, as a unit)
*SSH x 22 IC
*Mountain Climbers x 22 IC (2-ct ended up as 4-ct…SMH)

THA-THANG:   Indian Run while performing exercises as the transportation, stopping as a unit every .25 mile; changing transportation every .25 mi, as follows:

*0-.25 mi= Regular Indian Run then all in for Merkins x 10 OYO
*.26-.50 mi=  Regular Indian Run then Merkins x 20 OYO
*.51 mi-.75 mi= Regular Indian Run + Walking Lunge w/alternating legs =transportation , then Merkins x 30 OYO
*.76-1.0 mi=Regular Indian Run + High Knees w/alternating legs=transportation, then Merkins x 40 OYO
*1.01-1.75 mi= Regular Indian Run then Merkins x 50 OYO
*1.76-2.2 mi= Regular *non Indian* Run, single file line back to STARTEX

>While waiting for the Sweeper and the 6 to arrive, YHC asked Wide Right to begin to lead the PAX in proper form/technique Walking Squat Sweeps (you know…that football exercise he showed us)
**30 yards forward
**30 yards backward

Calves Stretch: 30 seconds/calf
Calves Raises: 30 raises in tandem

*Gas Pumps x 22 IC
*Hill Billies x 18 IC

13; Rabbit, Wide Right, Raven, SlicNut, Speaker, Captain Obvious, Pops, Pronto Pup, Cheesesteak, Halpert, Nature Boy, FNG: Capri Sun and O Positive.

YHC honored the LEGENDARY late Burt Reynolds with a Smokey and the Bandit inspired work-out.  Burt will be remembered many ways.  YHC asked each PAX to offer 1 word to describe Burt’s legacy…many interesting words were offered up: sexy, Deliverance and versatile, to name a few.  Then YHC challenged the PAX to think deep on what that 1 word would be used by our friends and loved ones to describe each of us when we depart this Earthly realm as we know it.  What will your legacy look like to those whom you love and love you?

Love the PAX at this AO.  Welcome, Capri Sun, sponsored by Halpert who has kool-aid in his veins. These AO PAX are willing to be led and work hard.  Uber proud of our newbie brother, Pronto Pup (RESPECT), who keeps coming back for more and crushing it.

RIP: Burt


  • 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.