October 30, 2020

Ovals + Ellipses

Whale weather, except Tomb Raider normally doesn’t shed the shirt until below freezing. Must be getting old now that he’s 40.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER couple of times as PAX rolled in, glad those brothers made it.

WARM-O-RAMA: 10:30:20 Imperial Walkers : Goofballs : Mountain Man Poopers (all IC)

Mosey to tower on track for start point.
Indian Run 11s
Indian Run 400 yd, 1 Burpee.
Run over to The Ellipse.
Indian Run 400 yd, 10 BBSU
Run back to the track.
Rinse/Repeat with one more Burpee, one less BBSU.
After few rounds, seemed like it was too easy on most, soooo
Changed Indian Run to 2 lines of 7 for more running back to front.

Short on time, so modified to only be at the track.
Then, almost out of time, so ended running at Shovel Flag for:
7 Burpees/4 BBSU, 8 Burpees/3 BBSU, 9 Burpees/2 BBSU and… ran out of time before we could do the 10/1.
Apparently there was a secret competition going on with the final Burpee/BBSU fest. It’s not clear who won as ‘correct form’ may have been sacrificed. There was no picture or video anyways, so it didn’t really happen and no actual winner. Great work to both PAX! You’re both BEASTS in my book.

Finishing the Burpees and BBSUs was our Mary.

14 (double the perfect number): Scarecrow, Billboard, Climate Control, Teacher’s Pet, Squeegee (RESPECT!), Doc Hollywood, Chef, Beauty Shop, Gus, Tomb Raider, Lipton, Moneyball, Photoshop (QiC), Upgrade (best running AOQ)

Leadership. Don’t just sit on the sideline, afraid, comatose, indifferent. Step out in faith, boldly to lead family, coworkers, PAX, community. plenty of opportunity to lead in F3 and beyond. Don’t just do the 3 Fs, become that leader that our mission speaks about.

Give 2 Give
Scarecrow’s M has been having bad migraines. Healing and peace.
Nature Boy and M have COVID. Healing and renewal.

Love that our brothers stepped up for one who was struggling with the pace and said boldy “Slow the F down!”

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