October 15, 2018

Outrun the Lightning

THE SCENE: Dark, rainy, foreboding. The anxious eyes of the PAX scanned the sky for any sign of END-EXing flashes.  The presence of the Nantan was anything but reassuring as his lighting quick draw weather q was always at half-cock.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Mission statement and disclaimer covered.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Burpees IC x 15, Merkins IC x 15, Squats IC x 15, Carolina Dry Docks IC x 15


  • Indian Railroad; PAX lined up and began to hold plank one at a time with the following PAX jumping over their plank prone brother before dropping into position himself.  Once all were in the plank position the last man in the line jumped up and ran overtop of the others before dropping into the lead position.  Continued approx. 100 m to the #notasport mid-pitch line.
  • divided PAX into two relay teams by mixed Gazelles and Clydesdales. Relay race to the goal posts and back.  Winning team took a lap around the pitch, losers did 15 burpees.  All members of the losing team had to complete penalty prior to the winning teams return or additional penalty was enforced.
  •  Above, Rinse and Repeat, mixing up 2 Clydesdales and 2 Gazelles.
  • Mosey back to the track to begin 1 mile core run/Mary.
  • Flutter kicks IC x 15.

LIGHTNING SPOTTED; returned to END-EX.  Met under the McWhether entrance gazebo.

cut short

9 PAX (1 FNG, Double Dip) Gus, Snookie, Lucille, Reznor, Tomb Raider, Photoshop, Searcy, Promise Ring

“Intellectual Cowardice”- a disease that affects men in which one’s ability to act is stifled by a complacent and cowardly desire to seek more knowledge that delays action.

I think we all ‘know’ what needs to be done.  However, sometimes I falsely delay action through the acquisition of more knowledge.  This could translate as nitpicking over logistics at work instead of leading or using the excuse “my wife hates the way I fold the cloths, therefore I’ll just observe her doing it in order to learn ‘how’.”

Discipleship is stifled by a false perception of intellectual religiosity fueled by an ingrained sense of inadequacy.  Don’t believe this lie.  You are positioned in this place for this time on a mission.  Let’s step out from behind our knowledge bomb shelter and believe that we are equipped and that the ultimate HIM will equip us.

Good to be out there with brothers.  Great to see Promise Ring whom I’ve never met but judging by the reaction of others, he was missed.

Note:  bearing one’s flanks in the high plank position to Gus’s churning knees and massive quads are a scary thing.  Keep eyes to the ground.

Eli Grow charity race is coming up.  Post and support.  Wednesday night; round 2 of hanging dry erase white boards at the Language Center.  HIMs needed beginning at 8:30 pm.