March 28, 2019

Opening Day at the Bingo Hall

THE SCENE: The Day of our Lord, March Twenty-Eighth, Two Thousand and Nineteen. Opening Day. We’ve endured this long, hard winter, but now the sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The grass has been cut and the chalk laid. At 1:10pm today, the St. Louis Cardinals will begin their 137th season in pursuit of their 12th World Series title. This morning, at 5:15am, YHC was writing his weinke in chalk on the sidewalk. Squeegee was making his lap around the park. Shoestring faded in from the darkness. Bookworm emerged from his car looking like he lives in it. Toms and Rabbit pulled up shortly after. YHC proceeded with the disclaimer…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome to the Bingo Hall! DURING ALL BATTING PRACTICES, FIELDING PRACTICES, WARM-UPS AND THE COURSE OF THE GAME EXPERIENCE, HARD HIT BASEBALLS AND BATS AND FRAGMENTS THEREOF MAY BE THROWN OR HIT INTO THE STANDS. FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY, PLEASE STAY ALERT AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. ANY GUEST WHO IS CONCERNED WITH HIS OR HER SEAT LOCATION SHOULD CONTACT THE WORKOUT Q FOR AN ALTERNATE SEAT LOCATION. The bearer of the Ticket assumes all risk and danger incidental to the sport of baseball and all warm-ups, practices and competitions associated with baseball, including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by thrown bats, fragments thereof, and thrown or batted balls and agrees that neither the Office of the Nant’an of F3 Memphis, The Bingo Hall, F3 Nation, Gaisman Park, nor any of their respective agents, players, officers, employees and owners shall be liable for injuries or loss of personal property resulting from such causes.

Quick mosey down the parking lot, then high knees, buttkickers, carioca on the way back. 

YHC quickly explained the rules of the game. 9 innings with commercial breaks in between. Each inning was 3 minutes and consisted of:

5 burpees
10 hand-release merkins
15 Tennessee dry docks
20 squats
25 two-count flutter kicks

If you finished the full set with time to spare, start back at the top (this became less and less common as the morning wore on). 

During commercial breaks, we alternated between 90 second wall sits and 90 second low planks. YHC is no good at low planks! Once the 90 seconds are up, we had a 15 second break to get back in playing position for the next inning. 

Six (6) PAX, no FNGs

Take initiative to plan something fun for your wife/family/kids this weekend. Don’t be a passive husband/father.

Great mumblechatter this AM. Probably not prudent to memorialize it all here, so you’ll have to just trust me. We talked about late night buffets, who cooks the food, and threatening our children. 

Crucible is SATURDAY!