July 21, 2018

OMAHA. And I ain’t talking ’bout Nebraska. *smh*


The Neverland: 77 degrees and clammy

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 20 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 20 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle counter-clockwise as a unit) x 20 IC
*SSH x 20 IC…with a twist…count in cadence for 1st 10 reps then go silent…NAILED IT…because we ALL STARTED THE SAME WAY (Feet closed). Makes a difference on the outcome, ya know.



YHC led the PAX on an Indian Run wth built in funsie stations every 1/3 of a lap.  Seeing the track is roughly .71 miles long…YHC had every intention to get the PAX to cover 3 laps…ya no, 2 + miles. 

It went down like dis:

*1/3 lap.  YHC had PAX stop and perform 25 Merkins OYO and plank until all in. Resume Indian Run.

*2/3 lap in.  YHC had PAX stop and perform 25 Merkins OYO followed by 25 Prisoner Squats IC.  Resume Indian Run.

*There was no 3/3 lap.  Seeing as 2 PAX were struggling to keep pace even with 1 PAX covering the 6 and with  1 walking wounded…YHC had to call OMAHA  just 15 minutes into the work-out.  He didn’t regret that.  The PAX may have, though.

*YHC led the men to the same spot where the Circle of Pain took place.

PART 2: No Weinke needed

*YHC had PAX split into 2 sides…4 PAX per side at opposite ends of field…let’s call it 75 yards long

*4 PAX on 1 end Sprint to other end where the remaining 4 PAX did Prisoner Squats.  Upon arrival by the 4 PAX…the other 4 PAX Bear Crawl down to other end and back for total of 150 yards.  The 4 PAX who just Sprinted did Prisoner Squats while their comrades perfomed Bear Crawl.

*Rinse and Repeat.  This time the 4 original Sprinters performed Bear Crawl and 4 original Bear Crawlers became Sprinters for this round.  Prisoner Squats were performed as per 1st round.

PART 3: I love you.  I hate you.

*YHC had PAX split back up to face each other at opposing ends of the field.

*Upon YHC command…both PAX Bear Crawled to MIDex of field…facing one another.

*In Plank position…each PAX faced a brother…arms length apart…and readied for the next thang:

  • Plank and perform: Their own shoulders=left shoulder tap, right shoulder tap…then…right palm clap (their brother facing them) then left palm clap (brother facing them)…AMRAP until YHC said ‘no mo’.

*YHC introduced the PAX to the ‘yet to be officially recognized’ Mountain Merkin (an OP Original…much like OP, himself). I digress.  PAX performed x 10 IC: right knee to chest, left knee to chest, right knee, left knee…down-up-down-up. Hence, the Mountain Merkin.  YHC instructed PAX to return to their sides by performing Crawl Bear.  Next…YHC had the PAX Bear Crawl back to MIDex for next item.

*YHC then introduced the Neverlanders to the 8-ct Body Builder of which was a ‘welcome’ addition to today’s #snotwoggler .  YHC led PAX for x 10 IC.

PART 4: Get to know me.

*Plank and perform:  YHC had the same PAX pairs face each other and perform (to themselves) Alternating Shoulder Taps (AST)…AMRAP.  The gist of this was to have each pair of PAX to converse #2ndF and get to know their brother across from them and be prepared to present some factoids about their brother to the rest of the PAX at the conclusion of this part of the program.  AST’s were perfomed until YHC called it.


*Taking turns…each pair of PAX took roughly 15 seconds to enlighten the brethren with what they learned from the meet-n-great.



*Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

8; Slots, Zima, Wall Builder, Smee, Tiger Lily, Soulja Boy, Flobee and O Positive (YHC)


YHC shared some Leadership wisdom from a John Maxwell book he is reading along with the Owners and CEO of the company he works for: Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

We all can glean from others timeless principles and develop new ways to approach our own leadership training.  YHC is an avid reader and finds many correlations to the Mission, Core Principles and Q Source as well as the 43feet podcast engineered by F3.  YHC encouraged the PAX to seek out and dig into leadership materials to grow and develop.  And YHC encouraged the PAX to step up and lead a work-out–and not get caught up in the ‘potential to fail’ and the inherent fear that so often accompany’s that.  Fail forward.  Learn. Modify…just don’t quit.  That applies to living our lives, in general.

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

*SNOT WOGGLE: (Lexicon)…A Workout that shuts down Mumble Chatter and leaves the PAX looking backwards half-unconscious from the pain.  This happened this morning.  Despite YHC calling Omaha and free-wheeling for 30 minutes…YHC did not give up on his brothers…nor did they give up on him.  Proud of these men.  Neverland never disappoints and that Nitro coffeeteria @ CRAVE…OMG.  Many thanks to AOQ-Zima’s generous and joyful hospitality.


  • GROWRUCK is coming to the Bluff City…9/21-9/23.