December 2, 2019

#Old Forest -Toybox, Barnum’s VQ

#Old Forest, 37 or so degrees. 11 mph gusts.  Some say it was darker than usual, some say brighter.


There was some disclaiming, as people rolled up to get started.

•Starting Block stretches (these are probably in the exicon, but I don’t know where) 30 seconds each side.

•Daisy Pickers ICx12

•Side Straddle Hops ICx15

•Imperial Walkers ICx18

•Mosey around what would be the slam-ball course

PAX grouped into threes (except the last two guys for whom things got tough.) Each three had someone Counting, Slamming, and Hopping.

Counters did 20 Big Boy situps, or 20 American Hammers, alternating by turn.  Counters then ran to the Slammer and took his place, Squatting to lift a slam-ball (20 lb, 30 lb, or 40 lbs, depending on luck of the pick at the beginning, or trading) and doing overhead throws as far as possible.  This Slam alternated with Lunges, lifting the slam-ball, then doing chest pass as far as possible. The replaced Slammer then ran the track and took the place of the Hopper.  Hoppers jumped rope or did Side Straddle Hops until replaced, when they became the Counter in turn.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

The PAX completed two-and-a-half to three rounds before time was up.


Mary was a circle-up.  PAX passed two slam-balls of different weights in opposite directions around the circle until a ball was dropped.  Everyone then did three burpees and resumed the exercise with increased weight slam-balls. ( 20 and 10, then 30 and 10, then 40 and 10, then 40 and 20.)

14 PAX, no FNGs

Short word about not letting go of saying “Thank You” even when the season changes.

This was my VQ. Gotta say, “Thank You” unreservedly to the group, and how welcoming everyone has been to the old unicycler who can’t keep up with the runners.  Everyone seemed awfully nice about my unorthodox Q.  I hope folks won’t mind doing it again soon enough.  We’d have had more people in the group today, but there are lots of people ramping up for the St. Jude Marathon this weekend.  I hope to spring a Slam-ball Toybox workout on them when they’re recovered from that.

Good luck, everyone who’s doing the St. Jude Run.  There’s talk about being at Crosstown Concourse the night before the St. Jude Run- for Crosstown Brewery. Make sure you walk up the sidewalk a bit and see the Tree Lighting/Snow Drop in the Atrium.  They’re paying me to draw caricatures of everyone- Come be made into a cartoon.  I will draw you doing F3 workout stuff.  But not that Monkey-Hunker thing.  That looks awful.

Workout Date: