January 22, 2019

Old Forest Run

THE SCENE: Felt colder than thermometer showed (39*) due to gusty winds and damp air.

Did it.


A little bit of stretching, a few SSH’s, and a lap or two around the parking lot.


Ran ~2 miles to East High School track.

At track, ran 1 mile – sprint (or push yourself as best you can) on the straight aways, jog the curves.

Ran back to Old Forest.

Total miles – ~5.4

None…just some post run stretching.


4 – Handsy (QIC), Doc Hollywood, Pirtle, MIB


YHC shared my conviction from something that happened yesterday at OF Bootcamp convergence at Ruins. At the Lorraine Motel, the Q asked the PAX to count quietly during Mary out of respect for the place / significance of the day (MLK day, outside of NCRM). YHC missed that request and as Mary got hard began counting louder, even groaning a bit (ok, maybe even yelling some). The PAX laughed and Q told me afterwards he had asked for quiet. I felt a little silly, but as the day went on, that feeling grew into a stronger conviction.
My conviction wouldn’t go away throughout the day that –

1. as AOQ, I should have done a better job of respecting the Q by listening to the Q’s instructions and setting a good example for the rest of the PAX, and

2. I should generally have been more thoughtful about where we were and why we were there and lead with an attitude of reverence and respect.

It may sound small or trivial (and maybe it was), but I think lots of small, trivial acts over time can add up and can even create a culture where some don’t feel welcomed or supported or respected. My fear is that, with actions like that, I am creating a culture like that in F3. For many, it may not be a big deal that I was being obnoxious outside the Lorraine motel on MLK day. For others, it might be a sign that I don’t really care about the struggles that are bound up in a day like MLK day and a place like the NCRM. I never want my actions to create an environment where people don’t feel seen, understood, welcomed, respected (regardless of their skin color, background, etc.). Did my actions do that yesterday? I may never know. But I do know that I want to work harder to be thoughtful and mindful of how my actions could be perceived by others – not because of what they might think of ME, but because of what my actions might communicate about my view of THEM.

It was great to run with these guys…enjoyed conversation about how F3 has really been a solid male community for some of the guys. #morethanaworkout