October 16, 2019

Oh, I could never _________

  • THE SCENE: 60*F, damp, & windy. But enough about me. The weather was ok, too.
  • AO: Arcadia
  • QIC: Granola
    • Overview:
      • 2 Rounds
      • 5 Types of exercises
      • 10 Reps in cadence
      • 20 Exercises
      • 40 Sets for a 40 minute time hack, youQ style
        • Time hack reward: End early.
        • Time hack penalty: BodyBuilders in cadence until 0615.
    • Exercises:
      1. Squats
      2. Mountain Climbers
      3. Merkins
      4. 6-count Burpees
      5. Plank Jacks
      6. Jump Squats
      7. SSH
      8. Shoulder Taps
      9. 8-count Bodybuilders
      10. Groiners
      11. Imperial Squat Walkers
      12. Goofballs
      13. Carolina Dry Docks
      14. Smurf Jacks
      15. Inchworms
      16. Tuck Jumps
      17. High Knees
      18. Plank Jack w/Merkin
      19. Bobby Hurleys
      20. Catalina Wine Mixers

    • 5 PAX: Alamo, Bailout, Granola (QIC), Gus, Oscar. 

    • I wanted to do this Lazarus-inspired Q to grease the groove for new PAX to move toward their VQs by providing ample opportunities to give the bootcamp-style commands and count cadence.

      I’ve been thinking about a phrase I often hear–both in my own head and from others. This phrase follows a formula that somehow both underestimates and overestimates us in the worst possible ways. It is this: Oh, I could never _______.

      Oh, I could never …
                                           Q a workout.
                                           Forgive that person.
                                           Do a GORUCK challenge.
                                           Overcome this addiction.
                                           Sail through this workout like Gus.
                                           Be more patient.

      Those examples underestimate what we can do. On the other hand, these examples overestimate our virtue:

      Oh, I could never…
                                           Betray a friend.
                                           Cheat on my spouse.
                                           Abandon a teammate.
                                           Fall into that kind of sin.
                                           Take advantage of a stranger.

      The goal isn’t to avoid the phrase or to make it true or false, but to think about whether it is true or false. We don’t have to pursue every noble goal or assume we’re above any vice. Just ask yourself if the phrase is true or false, whether you want it to be true or false, and what you need to do to make it happen. We all have different starting places, strengths, and challenges. In general, healthy community helps achieve positive outcomes, while isolation tends toward regrettable decisions.

    • Many hands make for light work, as the cliche goes. I was unsure about how things would go with a low turnout, but it quickly became apparent that these 10 hands were going to make quick work of this Q. We made the time hack with 2 minutes to spare. Alamo & Oscar caught on quickly and I look forward to their VQs.
    • Mighty T-Claps to:
      • Alamo for handing the misfortune of having to Q burpees and then bodybuilders in cadence. Multiples of 5 do not work well for this Q. 
      • Bailout for the PLC.
      • Gus for sharing his insights on the purpose of cadence and his deployment experiences. Also for giving F3 Nation the Imperial Squat Walker.
      • Oscar for jumping in and quickly getting the hang of the commands and cadence. 
    • 680 reps completed. Should have thrown in 20 more of something to make it an even 7 hundo. Next time.

    • BOLO for details on a Ruck sim to prepare for the Veteran’s Day GORUCK challenges. Also, join the #goruck-veterans-day Slack channel for details.