December 12, 2018

OG Beatdown

THE SCENE: Chilly 44F


Given and disclaimed


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial walkers x 15 IC
  • Arm circles x 10 IC (CW & CCW)
  • 8-count body builders x 5 IC

*mosey to track*


Descending Squat Mile

PAX performed 20 squats, ran a little bit, then performed 19 squats, then ran a little bit, etc. Counting down squats at each stop until 1 rep was reached and 1 mile was complete.  210 total squats completed.


PAX lined up and performed 1 Big boy sit-up, then ran to cones 30 yards away and performed 20 merkins.  PAX then ran back to start and performed 2 Big boy sit-ups, then ran back to cones and performed 19 merkins.  Rinsed and repeated with declining number of merkins and increasing number of Big boy sit-ups until 20 Big boy sit-ups and 1 merkin were complete. 210 merkins and 210 Big boy sit-ups completed.

*PAX held wall sit until All In, plus an additional 30 secs once All In, then mosied back to flags*


  • Flutterkicks x 25 IC
  • Hollywood side crunch x 15 IC (each side)
  • Rosalitas x 10 IC (led by Gus)

9 PAX (0 FNGs); Bruce Wayne, Gus, Judah, Tomb Raider, Interweb, Bailout, O Positive, Photoshop, and Flatland

Be the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh crap, he’s up!” Seize each day to its fullest.  We do this each day by coming to F3 and getting a kick-start on the day.  We do this with the support of our brothers.  We post not only for fitness, but for fellowship because the fellowship is what keeps us going at the end of the day. Being able to rely on a band of brothers that would kick ass with you.

A real brother walks with you when the rest of the world walks on you.

The PAX and YHC got a good old fashioned beatdown this AM.