February 6, 2021

Off the Beaten Path

35 degrees, but didn’t feel that cold. Must be the Memphis heat index. Was the lone car in the parking lot, but soon a plethora of cars showed up.

three amigos GIF


Checked to see if everyone had a head lamp. Advised not to hurt themselves as we would be traveling on a new path today.

Regulators, Mount up!

We headed Southeast along the lake to Walnut Grove and then headed East, parallel with the street. The gravel road curved to the North and we followed it up to Raleigh Lagrange Rd. We crossed a downed fence and traveled West along the side of the street until we reached the North entrance of the park. We then followed the trail South past the Go Ape high ropes course and reached Hyde lake. Traveled East along the North boundary of the lake until we made our way back to Startex. 4.45 miles in 1:20

Rucking is a great way to talk to all the bros. It’s great to be able to have PLC type conversations as you are working out together.

Not Today

11 PAX –  Yardsale, Prince Ali, Chef, Halpert, Photoshop, Landline (AOQ), Vengeance, Turkey Leg, Landline (QIC), Snowman, Nature Boy

Stop trying to control things that you cannot control. Focus 100% of your attention on the things that you can control. 2 areas of your life that you can control are Attitude and Effort. Choosing to pursue a positive attitude can benefit you throughout your day no matter what life throws at you. Attitude rules your emotions and if you control your attitude, you rule the day. Effort is another thing that you can control. You alone control how much effort you are willing to put into any endeavor. There is a direct correlation between the effort you put in and the results you receive from it. Push yourself to put forth your best effort in everything you do.

Prayed for Millenial’s family as his M is pregnant and they both have Covid. Prayed for Moneyball, Cantore, and their families, who are going through some medical issues. Prayed for guidence for all the men as they go about their day.

We have a new name for the AO. MotherRucker is no more. Henceforth this AO shall be named the RuckerShip. Long live #ao-ruckership. Wyatt run at 8 Track tomorrow. Check announcements channel for additional details.

Workout Date: