April 2, 2018

OF Dora Memorial

THE SCENE:  Weather Q for the win! No rain nor lightning; windchill in the upper 30s

PAX + FNGs welcomed and disclaimed


  • SSH x 25
  • Windmills x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Hillbillies x 20
  • Partner up & hold partners ankle while they bounce for 30 seconds; 15 second break, alternate legs until each PAX has stretched each leg.


  • Mosey to crossroads on trail
  • Plank til all in
  • 10 burpees
  • Mosey to the trail entrance near Overton Bark
  • Al Gore til all in
  • 10 burpees
  • Mosey to veteran memorial


  • 100 Groiners
  • 200 Dirkins
  • 300 Bobby Hurley’s
  • One partner starts on reps while Partner bear crawls to the flag poles at the other end, then runs back, and tags out partner.

OMAHA:  for time we actually stopped bear crawls and just ran to flags and back after each PAX bear crawled 1-2 times. We also had to mosey back to Startex before reps were completed.

YHC had some Four Eyes specials lined up (Dr. W’s & Baby Diapers) but we made it back right at 6:14 so we held plank for the 6 before COT
16 (2 FNGs: Baker & Rapunzel)

YHC loves Leon Bridges who recently released two new songs and a music video. The music video for “Bad Bad News” shows a female being catcalled by a man and she chooses to chase him down throughout the video. Lyrics from the song, “They tell me I was born to lose,” combined with yhc’s M’s experience of being guarded prove this to be true. Though I can be appalled by the tendency for men to catcall or whistle at women and objectifying them, I am as guilty when I let my eyes linger and thoughts slip. Many PAX have been transparent about this struggle and YHC felt it time to share his own struggle with this issue. YHC also shared about a time when he was able to share gospel with a prostitute and eventually send her home to loving family away from the streets. Similarly was initially appalled at the actions of a pimp who kept her feeling tied to the streets, yet troubled and broken internally by my own objectification that was less external and obvious.


Loved seeing colleague (FNG-Baker) finally post after a long EHing and even a fartsack from Friday.

Prayer for 2 Visible Students & for 2 Orange Mound teenagers (MAM kids) who lost their lives after house fire along with prayers for MAM staff’s presence in the aftermath.

BrewRuck on 4/28

TurntTobey Tuesday’s participation in King of the Bluff on 4/3!