October 5, 2020


The Scene, based on the title of this publication, you know it was on point. cool morning, mid to upper 40s. TP’s ideal F3 weather!

Welcome & Disclaimer, PAX were welcomed as YHC stumbled to the circle at 5:30:01 and they were disclaimed.

Warm-o-rama, SSH x30, Daisy Picker, Imperial Walkers, Butt Kickers 1/2 loop; Windmills; High Knees 1/2 loop; Merkins

The Thang, 3 stations & groupings/teams of 4 PAX (1 PAX/Station & 1 always in motion). 200 reps of each exercise as a team.

Station 1: SW corner of parking lot

Dive Bombers, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks

Station 2: Pavilion

Lunges (2=1), Jump Squats, Calf Raises (added stepups as we went)

Station 3: NW corner of parking lot

Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Pickle Pounders (added LBCs, Flutterkicks, then plank)

Mary, American Hammers, Box Cutters, Freddie Mercurys, LBCs

COT, YHC asked PAX to turn to a neighbor and ask about the weekend. Encouraged PAX to be proactive in reaching out to others as YHC has experienced loneliness in the COVID Season.

Moleskin, YHC didn’t give great instructions. Educators like Scarecrow and Yardsale were cringing. PAX got great example of how NOT to lead, how to improv, and how to admit when they messed things up. All self deprecating aside, PAX loved the dive bombers and were properly beaten down.