February 9, 2021

Nothing But A Thang

Probably the best early AM winter weather of the year.  It felt like an early Spring morning.  No better weather to throw, lift, and move some heavy sandbags.


Went over the customary F3 disclaimer and all present were in agreement.

Tempo squats in cadence (15x), merkins in cadence (10x), daisy pickers in cadence (10x), and arm circles(forward/backward) in cadence (10x each direction)

My workout idea turned out to be a little ambitious, but definitely one I will keep in mind for future works.  The idea of the workout:

1st 100m:  overhead sandbag toss: perform a sandbag snatch to get bag overhead.  modification:  clean bag to front rack position, then press bag to   overhead.

2nd 100m:  walking squats:  basically take one step forward and squat.  alternating your steps.

3rd 100m: alternating UE (upper extremity) sandbag drags.  With bag perpendicular  and in front of you, in a squat bent over row position, reach in pull bag through and between your legs.  Step back and reposition self and repeat.

4th 100m:  rifle carry sandbag.

The idea was to complete the above 4x for a distance of a mile.  But of course time did not allow.  So the following modification was done:

  1. Overhead sandbag toss for 100m
  2. sandbag drags pulling forward for 100m:  standing slightly in front a bag in a perpendicular position to you.  bend over and reach between your legs and grab bag (position should resemble that of begin upward swing of a kettle bell).  power up with your hips pulling bag, dragging it forward between your legs.

I have been noticing that my burpee is slow and inefficient, so I started researching on how to make my burpee more efficient so I decided to share what I have found with my fellow Pax’s.

Burpee Skill Development (3-4):  worked on proper hip movement to develop power and efficiency moving from the bottom push up position back to standing.


Talked about how we are entering our penitential season of the year with the beginning of the Easter season just about a week away.  Now is a good time to use the meditation challenge for the month to think about our relationship with Jesus and how we come strengthening that relationship through fasting, almsgiving, and sacrifices when can offer to God.  Also, now is a wonderful time of the year to ask for God’s never ending grace and mercy for times we have fallen into Sin in order to keep us close to Him.

Also, talked a little bit about how watching Brady in the Super Bowl let me see that age should never be a reason to stop doing something.  Whether it be something physically, career goals, or any life goal in general.

Prayers for Passport’s friend who is battling cancer.


Prince Ali
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