August 6, 2018

Not Quite the Last Castle

THE SCENE: Nice Balmy day with about 50% gloom

Speaker took care welcome and disclaimer as YHC was late for Q… many shames upon me. … Props to Speaker for covering for a few.

Began with 10 minutes of 21s across the soccer field…. Got to about 3 and 18 and then Omaha’d.

Mosey to workout equipment (picking up coupon on the way.)

Started with and worked up to of the following exercises:

  • bench Step-ups while holding coupon
  • pushups
  • Burpees
  • Assisted pull-ups with coupon

Mode of transportation in between each number was to bear crawl with coupon on back about 25 yards and then crab walk back with coupon… (Modified crab walk to lunges with coupons after a bit.)(A number of hand injuries with coupons falling off people’s backs onto hands.. YHC does not recommend this exercise for future.)

Afterwards we began counting down from 7.7 to 1.1 with WWII setups with coupon and squats with coupon overhead but ran out of time so we returned coupons and closed down.

12 Pax (Speaker, Tomb Raider, Searcy, Snookie, Cataract, O Positive, Veggie Tales, Lil’ Nicky, Beauty Shop, Yard Sale, Lipton, Popeye, and Laetner.)


Double Circle of Trust:

  • YHC spoke about Psalm 119 and having a source of truth outside ourselves to trust and depend on.
  • Speaker who also led some at the beginning spoke about assuming the best about one another and the benefits of that at home, in F3, at work, etc.

Grow Ruck

City Ruck