July 2, 2018

Not quite 1000’s

THE SCENE:  about 80 degrees. Feeling good feeling great.

SSH (20), Shoulder Tap (20), Mountain Climbers (20), Arm circles (10) in each direction, Butt kickers (20), Daisy Pickers (20)… All in cadence.

  • Mosey’d to spot…. Two legged long jumps about 50 yards to startex
  • Partnered up and got 600 of the 1000 reps we intended.  (Partner ran backwards to open growth area and then sprinted back through the trees slalom style and then switched with partner)
    • 100 knee tucks hanging from pull up bar
    • 100 Bench jumps (like box jumps but a bench)
    • 100 Merkins
    • 100 Freddie Mercuries (4 count)
    • 100 Squats
    • 100 Pull-ups… assisted
    • Ran out of time before 100 (big boy sit ups, burpees, and SSH, and dips)

Didn’t get to it
9 PAX (No FNG’s)… Speaker, Searcy, Snookie, Vocals, Lil’ Nicky, Krueger, Gepetto, Cataract, Bullwinkle,
Too often men are passive in everything but work and we need to push ourselves but also have realistic goals in each area of life that is important.

Proverbs 3:5-6… Talked through setting goals for faithfulness in all of life rather than moving forward in one while others fall behind.  Talked through looking at the “ROLES” God has given us in life, then setting “Goals” for each one periodically.  Lastly we talked briefly about the need to pray for strength in these things and how that is one way to acknowledge God in all we do.

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