August 22, 2020

Not As Many Burpees

Beautiful Morning at The Berm (Champions Club):
21° 75% 1015 Mb slight wind from the North .833 m/s
Some other guys were there doing burpees and other guys were walking around with weights

check & check


15 IW IC
16 Arm Circles IC reversing at midway point
15 Daisy Pickers IC

The Thang:
In honor of the Burpfest going on in the parking lot to pay the man for $5300 dollars donated to the Alcy Ball Development Corp, we did some burpees. The Berm was the host because we are the champions at fundraising.

Burp Back Mountain
Dora-style: Partner one does burpees while Partner Two runs up hill backward and runs down forward 5X switching until 100 burpees are done.

5 Burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)
15 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins
25 Plank Jacks
20 Squats

Four rounds

Mosey around the building for 11s Burpees/merkins – made it to 9/3

Finished with Tubthumper’s Chumbawumba doing a burpee every time they sing: “I get knocked down and I get up again!”


9 Pax: MUDPANTS, Snookie, Laettner, Speaker: Nantan-elect, Prince Ali, Paper Trail, Photoshop, Shy Guy, Landline

Four Eyes is doing good work in Alcy Ball, seeking to come alongside our neighbors in our city. While we may not be in the same neighborhood we are neighbors. In the OT, God’s people were in exile in another land and there was a dispute about how long they would be there. Some said a couple years, Jeremiah said 70. He also said, seek the welfare of the city by caring for it. In the same way, we are called to care for our city because we flourish when our whole city flourishes. There is a tendency for us to keep away from hardship thinking we can stay away from the bad stuff by living in suburbia. They truth is the bad stuff can come and get us not only because hurt reaches out the bad stuff is also within us. We are called to love our neighbors by listening to them, engaging with them and using the gifts we have to serve, recognizing we are in need as well.
When I went with my 2.2 to visit Four Eyes, we got to see first hand the work he is seeking to do by loving our neighbors. The day before a young man’s body had been discovered in an abandoned apartment complex that has been a frustration to the neighborhood. He knew the young man and the pain of the loss was evident. While touring around we met another man who had lived in the community for many years. Four Eyes asked him: What do you think should happen to those apartments? It was an opportunity for him to learn what the people wanted and to communicate to the man his opinion mattered, even more than an outsider. My prayer is that he’ll be an insider some day as he demonstrates God’s love for his neighbors. If he works as hard as he does in doing burpees, I’m confident it will happen. (530+50/60lb sandbag).

It was a great way to celebrate and support ABDC and have a bunch of guys at The Berm on a Saturday. Watermelon is delicious after a work out.

Big Chicken CSAUP event led by Hobo next Saturday from 5:30 am – 8:00 pm. Iron Pax starts in Sept.

Workout Date: