January 15, 2019

Not a professional. Need to live like one.

THE SCENE: gloomy 35 degrees. When will we see the Sun???

Playground of Dreams! Unfortunately the playground was closed. YHC had planned a nice little Pull-up/merkin routine. Will tuck it away for next time!

5 eager PAX ready to work in this dark, depressing, January day. Flobee was running around in an attempt to warm up. There is a reason its called the WOR.

Disclaimed. Not a professional.

Windmills IC 15

Daisy Pickers IC 15

Imperial Walkers IC 15

Hillbillies IC 15

Big arm circles IC (Forward and reverse)


Mosey lap around the park.

4 Cones:

Bear Crawl to cones up and back.

Crab walk to cones up and back.

Lunge walk to cones up and back.

4 stations: 

100 Body Squats.<——Zima and TL made sure proper form was executed by all. 

75 Overhead press with the CMU

50 American Hammers (2 is 1)

25 Tricep Extensions with Kettlebell

Rinse and repeat.


BBS  IC 25

WWI Situps 20


Plank 60 seconds.

5 Pax; 0 FNG. Flobee, Tiger Lily, Zima, Fugitive, Orange Julius (QIC)
“You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That’s the mark if a true professional.”—Joe Paterno

In each of our chosen fields or occupations, there comes times when we want to settle for less and not perform at our best. That’s represented in our own daily routines as well as in our work life.

It can be really tough to get out of a nice warm bed to go outside in the dark, cold gloom and workout. But we do it because we know deep down we are going to be better for it. We will have better health both today and in the long term, more energy, will accomplish more and that’s just the physical aspects not to mention the camaraderie and support we share with our brothers.

In our work lives we can often find ourselves not wanting to live up to our full potential. Its easy to take care of people, clients, customers, patients, etc. when they are appreciative, courteous, respectful, not demanding or demeaning. But what about those we really wish we didn’t have to see or talk too? What about those that we wish would just take their business elsewhere? Do we live up to our professional standards and “make that phone call” or “have that meeting?” That challenge is always going to be there.


Tough and gritty group this morning!

VAPE session tonight. See Slack for details.