April 27, 2018

Noodle Arms in a Monsoon

Rain. Loooooots of rain. Not too cold. But hard to get warm.

8 HIM (1 FNG) denied the Fartsack and showed up with Coupons to be Romped Like A Hurricane. Others were missed dearly, but not forgotten. #MorgLife



CMU Curls IC x100 (Surprise!) T-Claps to Granola for suspecting this
SSH IC x30
Deep Squats IC x15
Wide Arm Circles IC x10
Reverse Reverse! IC x10

It’s gonna be an arm day boys…

YHC noticed during the Warm-O-Rama that a modification would be in order. We did not have enough CMU’s to complete the original workout, and Morg Warrior Granola was injured from his dumbness (you can ask him about it).  But a good Q always has a backup plan (or can make one up)!

Four Court Fun
Mosey to the Tennis Court and partner up. Use the two Tennis Courts to create four stations each with a different exercise. Keep a combined total going between the two partners and Flapjack as needed. While Partner 1 performs the exercise, Partner 2 performs SSH.

Station 1) 50 Partner Derkins
Station 2) 50 CMU Front Squats w/ Overhead Press
Station 3) 100 Tricep Dips on the CMU
Station 4) 100 CMU Curls

Once complete, assume resting position until All In (more SSH’s). If you get bored of SSH’s then join Moana for a little 80’s Richard Simmons Routine!

Mosey three spaces around the outside of the two Tennis Courts to complete the next station. Repeat until the Circuit is complete.

OP Rinse and ReBeatdown! (Perform the circuit again)

Mosey back to Startex with Coupons, and circle up.

Keep the core tight for this Mary exercise….

CMU Curls IC x50! (Surprise?)

8 PAX, 1 FNG (Commie!) on a wonderful, rainy day.

May is coming up and has 31 days. I exhorted the PAX to consider reading 1 chapter of Proverbs for each day in the month of May. Proverbs was written so we might, “Know wisdom and instruction… to receive instruction in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity; to give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth…” (Pr. 1:2-4).

You can also use Proverbs as means of meditating on God’s Word and prayer. If you read something that you’re lacking in, then turn it into a prayer for God to sanctify you.

Shoutout to Moana who didn’t let me skip naming our FNG (whoopsie!)
Shoutout to Commie who had a broken Granola and so did all of the things
Shoutout to Green Monster for EHing a FNG into a PhP Q in a Monsoon!

Things…. they are a happening