June 28, 2018

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Warm-up

Date: 06/28/2018

AO: Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Gus

PAX: Searcy, Father Abraham, Love Shack, Speaker, Cataract, Snookie, O Positive, Soybean, Yard Sale, Saint Nick, Shoestring, Gepetto, Gus | FNGs: Skee-Lo, Old Faithful, Overtime, Hall Pass

Conditions: 81F and humid – warm and moist




Slaughter Starter
25 burpees OYO

Squat & Bearcrawl Ladder
Start at one curb looking at a curb about 20 yards away.
1 squat, then bearcrawl to opposite curb.
2 squats, then bearcrawl to opposite curb.
. . . .
So on and so forth until we reach 10 squats.

Corner to Corner
The driveway to Bermuda Triangle is approximately 1/3 mile from the intersection of Quince & Estate. I told the PAX we’d sprint halfway, then the Gazelles would hold plank until the Clydesdales and Turtles caught up.
Speaker led the way and, after a little trial & error, determined the halfway point.
Two trips to Quince and back = 1.33 miles

Elevens—Humpers and Jumpers
Monkey Humpers at the bottom of the Berm
Star Jumpers at the top of the Berm

Annie IC x 10 (each hand)
Angle Grinder IC x 10
Flutter Kick IC x 30
Hello, Dolly! IC x 30

Count-O-Rama (15 + 2 early exits)


COT / BOM:  I watched the Arkansas Razorbacks play the Oregon State Beavers in Game 2 of the College World Series last night. The Hogs were leading 3-2 in the top of the ninth inning and needed only one out to win their first national championship in baseball. But then…

We’ve all been there. Sometimes life sucks. It may be because I made a huge mistake that caused life to suck, or I might have watched someone I trust totally drop the ball in a way that negatively impacts my life. But just like those Arkansas baseball players, it’s time to get back to work. The sun still rises, and His mercies are new every morning.

Moleskin: Love Shack traveled from the Magnolia State in his M’s fancy whip. Funny thing is, he stuffed four FNGs in there, and it was a veritable Clown Car. On the way home, those FNGs had transformed into sweaty Man-beasts, so the joke’s on Love Shack’s M. Cobains, Mrs. Shack!

Elder Shoestring left early because he had a meeting, and Gepetto jetted right at 0615. Those guys need to get their priorities straight.