November 16, 2017

No sense in getting injured before GrowRuck

AO: The Berm

QIC: VQ – Granola

PAX: 14 PAX (1 FNG–Leonardo) – Shingle, Import, O-Positive, Lipton, Soybean, C-lo, Rabbit, Snookie, Phat Pat, Toms, Gus , Granola, and Bruce

Conditions: a moist 50F


– Air Squats 17x IC
– Cotton Pickers 13x IC
– Shoulder Circles 11x IC (+ reverse)
– High Knees 16x IC
– Side Straddle Hop 12x IC
– Windmills 11x IC
– ‘Merkins 13x IC


Transition: Split into three groups. Army crawl up the hill.

Circuits (each group started as listed, then rotated until all groups have completed all exercise in the rotation–I’m sure there’s a shorter way to describe this…) Max counts were attempted and relayed to the next group to try to beat. 2 minutes per group.

First Rotation
Group 1 – Rows with one paver in each hand
Group 2 – Plank
Group 3 – Surrenders

Second Rotation
Group 1 – Squat thrusters with one paver
Group 2 – Spider ‘Merkins (In memory of Oz)
Group 3 – Side Plank (switch arms on yo’ own)

Third Rotation
Group 1 – Shrugs with one paver in each hand
Group 2 – Turkish Getup
Group 3 – Wine Mixers

Non-circuitous fun
Each group lunged down the hill to the first parking island. Held Al Gore until all in.
Each group Bear Crawl Inchwormed back to Warm-O-Rama SP.

– Flutterkicks 13x IC


Welcomed the FNG, dubbed “Leonardo” because art.

F3 is Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. YHC recognized many PAX identify as Christ followers, but was mindful that not all do. Gus iterated this afterward–adherence to a particular religion is not a requirement for Q’ing or PAX’ing.

YHC encouraged the PAX to think about whether they differentiate discipline from punishment. We endure the discipline of these F3 workouts, not because we’ve been bad, but because we want to get better. For those of us who have God as our SkyQ, Hebrews 12:7 says we are to endure hardships as God’s discipline. That is, when we encounter hardships, we should engage it as another exercise in God’s bootcamp to make us better, and not as God being mad at us or punishing us. Hardships are also occasions for God to get our attention.

Prayers offered for the GrowRuck Crew headed to Chattanooga this weekend and Galaxy’s fartsacking (in general) and sick kid (particularly for today)

Shoutout to Bruce for helping me along with this VQ. We got a little more than halfway through what I had planned, so I’m ready for my next Q.
Lessons learned from teh VQ:
– Be sure to clarify what constitutes one rep
– Include more leg exercises
– 45 minutes goes by real fast
– Consider shortening Warm-O-Rama