September 23, 2017

No Man Left Behind @ The Mothership

AO:The Mothership

Co-QIC: O Positive and Escobar

PAX: Shoestring, Bill Dance, Coach Taylor, Bruce, Lazarus, WOD, C-Lo, Granola, Red Sox, Four Eyes, F-150, Snookie, Pops, The Nature Boy, Quick Dry, Meatball, Teacher’s Pet, Slick Billy, Phat Pat, Heavy Weight, Oz, Escobar and O Positive; FNG=Frappé, Galaxy and Drill Bit

CONDITIONS: Hot with a double-shot of humidity



*Sucker punch by YHC for 1 round of burpees x10 OYO

*Mosey to the AO’s picturesque front lawn

•SSH x20 IC
•Arm Circles (Wide) x20 IC (Forward)
•Arm Circles (Wide) x20 IC (Reverse)
•Merkins x13 IC
•Mountain Climbers x10 IC

*Mosey to The Thang

“11’s” on a steep, overgrown grassy knoll surrounding pond
•Top: Squat X1 OYO…then run down hill without running into pond
•Bottom: Burpees X11 OYO without sliding down into pond
•Repeat order until X11 Squats completed at top and X11 Burpees completed at bottom
•Total reps equaled 66 Squats and 66 Burpees
•Al Gore until ‘all in’
•1 final descent down hill doing lunges and 1 final ascent doing bear crawls

*s-l-o-w mosey to hand off the Q to Escobar for Round 2 to close us out

Round 2:
PAX numbered off into 3 groups
•Bear Crawl Inch Worm x3 rounds
•Carolina Dry Docks x15 IC
•Catalina Wine Mixers x15 IC
•Carolina Dry Docks x10 IC
•Catalina Wine Mixer x10 IC

*Round 1:
2 lines face to face spaced 3 feet apart-everyone holding plank-1 by 1-jump over PAX
*Round 2:
2 lines back to back spaced 3 feet apart-everyone holding crab walk-1 by 1-jump over PAX

•Crunchy Frog x15 IC
•Hello Dolly x15 IC
•Box Cutter x15 IC
•Leg Raise x15 IC



>YHC encouraged the PAX to extend invitations to their sad clown friends. INVITE. INVITE. INVITE. Closed the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Mumblechatter was kept to a minimal. Many burpees were eaten. Equally many Catalina Wine Mixers were drank. The PAX were not defeated. No, the PAX emerged victorious.