May 10, 2019

Next exercise is the Pickle Relish

THE SCENE: COLD!  IDK what it was, mane. It was 62 whole degrees out there but for some reason errone was cold. YHC arrived in time for some one on one chat with one of his fav guys, The Streak.


Hill Yis.

Just some Quick feet/High Knees and some Side shuffle TTD to get the blood flowing.

An attempt at a Halpert inspired Jack Webb Mile. The following exercise sets were done to a Jack Webb count (1/4, 2/8, 3/12, 4/16…. 10/40) with a mosey between each set.

  • Merkins/OH Press (???? standard JW)
  • 1/4 mile mosey
  • BBSU/Mountain Climbers
  • 1/4 mile mosey
  • Fluter Kicks/Pickle Pounders

Limited time left so YHC called an audible on the last two sets and we ran the long way back to STARTEX. (Gus ????) Arrived just in time for COT.

Nah, man. WHATEVAH!

Orange Julius, Crevasse, Mr. Wonderfull, The Streak, Sleep Number, Miracle Ear, Woodpecker, Topanga, Rabbit, Soulja Boy (QIC)

Words of wisdom from respected mentor of YHC, “Pride without humility is nothing but arrogance.” Both qualities are important when leading others. Take pride in what you do and in the way you lead and influence others but remember that the success of a good leader is carried on the backs of those he leads. This should lead to humility and gratefulness.

The Streak renamed “pickle pounders” to “pickle relish”. YHC believes this was due to the horrible effect said exercise was having on his body. As usual, no eye contact was made with the ground or other PAX.

Heads up: Morglians will openly mock you for executing COT, COR/NOR out of order. make sure you get that down pat before you next Morg Q.

Sleep Number may have been the owner of the creeper van.

Weren’t none.