January 1, 2020

New Year’s Day Convergence 2020

35*, clear. Frost on the ground. The sun was rising just as we were about to start. Perfect F3 weather.


[Always watch for parking lot hazards such as broken glass and used prophylactics.]

SSH x20; Daisy Picker x13; IW x15; Hillbilly x15; Windmill x10

We had to make atonement for the mistakes and errors of 2019, so we did 10 ABSOLUTIONS in cadence. [The original plan was to do all 19, but by rep 6, I could tell I wouldn’t be able to do all 19 in a row.]

Mosey up Grand View to the stop sign, PAX were instructed to either plank or go pick up the six. Teacher’s Pet advised the PAX that they should only pick their own six. Fair enough.

15 or 20 squats, in cadence.

Mosey towards the Visitor Center, stopping across the street at a small-ish circle walkway. Unbeknownst to YHC, there was a petting zoo set up there, including an enclosure for what I assume was a camel, based on the “hump day” sign. Inspired, YHC called monkey humpers while we waited for the six. We might have also done some flutter kicks, but my memory fails me.

All in! So, we bear crawled around the circle walkway, about 110 yards. Thanks to the petting zoo, the crawl included many pungent smells and some “mud” on the path. Again, the zoo was not on the map when YHC planned the workout. You take the cards you’re dealt.

Plank while waiting for the six.

Short mosey over to the Visitor Center for 11’s.

Start with 1 Bonnie Blair (everyone’s favorite), then do 10 derkins, handstand merkins, or Carolina dry docks, depending on your fitness level. Next 2 BBs, 9 derkins, and ETC down to 10/1. Most PAX opted for derkins, with several beasts doing handstands against the wall.

While waiting for the PAX to finish 11’s, O Positive led the finished PAX in some plank work.

Mosey to the amphitheater and up on the stage (or the sidewalk, for lack of space). Here, we had to round out our ABSOLUTIONS. Nine more in cadence, which was kind of fast and horrible. The PAX persevered and we made atonement for the sins of 2019. (jk, you can’t atone for your own sins!)

Looong mosey back to the parking lot. Shoulder taps while waiting for the six.

Next, Captain Obvious led us in a modified, super-sized quarter pounder. Run 25 yards, 20 merkins in cadence. Run 25 yards, 40 squats in cadence. Run 25 yards, 60 mountain climbers in cadence (dumb idea!). Run back to start ~75 yards for 80 SSH in cadence. [The mountain climbers were terrible. YHC accepts full responsibility.] T-Claps to Cap’n for leading the cadence.

Finally, short mosey to the big hill for 7’s (like 11’s, but less!). 1 smurf jack at the top, run down, 6 big boy sit-ups at the bottom, run up. Then 2/5, 3/4, etc.

Mosey back to where we started for Mary.

Nature Boy (wooo) led us in:
American Hammer x20; Flutter kicks x20; Box cutter x10; High plank; Low plank; LBCs x10

And that’s that!

41 PAX, 2 FNG’s: Catheter and AC/DC. Welcome!

We all want to get better in some ways. Whatever your goals are, instead of using some abstract “resolution”, turn them into habits you can build. Instead of saying, “I want to read more books,” commit to reading 15 minutes before bed EVERY night. Instead of saying, “I want to be a better father,” commit to spending 30 minutes with your kids after work EVERY day. Building habits will help you quantify progress. Also, invite some brothers to help keep you accountable. Don’t hide your failures. Get some men who will call you out and help you.

What a great way to kick off 2020. Hard work, good mumblechatter, and great conversation afterwards.

Equinox starts today. Even if you think you can’t complete the whole thing, use it as motivation to accelerate over the coming weeks. Anyone can read 4 books!  Also, January’s fitness challenge is running miles. See #announcements in Slack for the miles tracker.

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