October 29, 2018

Never too late BB from 10/23 @ #ao-the-lair – Halpert’s complete bodybuilder

THE SCENE:  A balmy, wet 46°


Disclaimed, no FNGs, let’s get to work


25 SSH IC, 15 Daisy Pickers IC, 20 Hillybillys IC


  • Merkin – Squat Mile around the lake, 100 total merkins, 100 total squats in one mile
  • 11’s completed with step ups and derkins on the parking lot wood fence
  • (2) minute 100’s = 20 seconds to get goal line to goal line, 40 seconds to get back – feel the burn
  • Grab some bench for some dips and irkin supersets (3) sets of 10 and 10 IC
  • Mosey to Mary

BBSUs x25 IC, Jane Fonda’s x10 IC each leg, LBCs x25 IC, Thors

5 PAX (no FNGs) Dial-up, C-Lo, Skids100, Murse, Halpert on Q

Inspired by a Captain Obvious Twitter share of a quote that said, “Your kids won’t spend much time outside if you don’t.  Ultimately, your kids won’t move much if you don’t.  Your kids might become just like you.  Anything you wish they’d do, you have to show the way.  Anything you wish they’d be like, you have to show the way.”

Being a HIM starts in your own house.  Don’t “Help” your wife with household tasks.  They’re yours too.  Your partners.  Be intentional in the role you play as a leader, leading by example.  Show the way to those around you.  Lead like Jesus.  Be humble and thankful for His grace and do all that you can for others, regardless of the outcome.

When you do this, your wife and kids will follow with pride and know they way that they should go.

Murse (my little bro) getting out there each week while rehabbing a torn and repaired (twice) ACL is impressive.  Keep getting after it brother!

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