March 17, 2019


THE SCENE: 36 degrees and Springy

SSH x 15
Merkins x 10

4 laps around the lake. 1 mile each time. All we gotta do is run faster each lap. 

1st lap: 9:20. 25 pushups OYO to make sure we are working a few more muscle groups
2nd lap: 8:28. A bit faster than planned which will make 3rd lap a bit of a challenge. 25 pushups OYO to think of a good plan.
3rd lap: 8:18. Whew, left ourselves a manageable last lap. 25 pushups OYO.

Time challenge: Beat 8 min mile pace or pay the penalty!
4th lap: 7:29. 

2 PAX (0 FNG)

M (Q1.5)

“Halfway is not good enough when it comes to the M. It is not a football game where husband and wife meet at the fifty yard line for the coin flip. The HIM must drive the ball the full length of the field and stay in his wife’s red zone, regardless of whether she even breaks the huddle. To the Sad Clown focused on balance and fairness, this seems unfair and out-of-balance. Perhaps, but that’s what Acceleration requires when it comes to the M.”

I thought I was going to have to go it alone and then Nature Boy showed up. What a beast. He’s supposedly “just getting into running” but turns in times that suggest otherwise. Negatives is a fun + hard workout and the pushups give it just enough to take it up a notch. That last mile was fun. We probably should have pushed for a sub-7. Next time!