November 25, 2020

My Blockie and Me

High 30’s – just that temperature where the tights debate really kicks in. There were hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tights abound. Tomb Raider and Hobo would both take issue with the whole deal.


Delivered on time.

SSH x 20 IC

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

The QIC disclosed that there would not be burpees and there would not be bear crawls, two of my usual hallmarks. This marks the first Q that I haven’t had those two elements since I started F3 in summer 2018. I let the fellas know that we would make our way around the 1 mile track, carrying our CMUs with a rifle carry or farmer carry and doing some work with them along the way.

1/5 mile mosey with CMU

20 CMU curls

20 CMU rows

40 CMU overhead presses

60 CMU goblet squats

Hold plank until all in

1/5 mile mosey with CMU

Rinse and repeat

1/5 mile mosey with CMU

Rinse and repeat

1/5 mile mosey with CMU

Rinse and repeat

Cut across the field with CMU to STARTEX

Rinse and repeat


100 CMU curls

100 CMU rows

200 CMU overhead presses

300 CMU goblet squats

8/10 of a mile mosey with CMU

With CMUs, American Hammer x 16 IC

With CMUs, Box Cutters x 16 IC

10 PAX: Vengeance, Evan Almighty, FNG (Pits – son of Mudpants), Prince Ali, Shy Guy, Millenial, Snookie, Beauty Shop, Laettner, Yardsale

Sometimes we get caught in our own record player groove of thinking everything we have to deal with, and everything we “don’t get to do anymore”, is a downer. And every so often, something happens to remind us that those very things we have to “deal with” are in fact the very blessings we should be honored to have the opportunity to do and be a part of. I had one of those eye-opening, check-yourself, reframe your perspective moments this week that reminded me that the voice in your head is not always your guide, your friend, or something you should trust. It takes other HIM to help you keep that perspective sometimes and leaving no man behind can often mean calling each other on our own “stuff.” Because we all have our own stuff.


FNG – Pits rocked it this morning. A Prince Ali EH, he knows him from the jiu-jitsu world and the guy has some gusto.

Thanksgiving Convergence at The Berm. Bring your vittles and something to drink on Thursday morning, along with something to serve your item with. Many thanks to Mudpants and Laettner for rallying the troops here for some solid second F.

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