February 11, 2021

Murder Hornets

Pulled into AO Lair around 5:15am, roads were wet but thankfully not slick. The soccer goal and net behind the goal had horizontal icicles hanging. Thought for sure the lair boys would stay in their beds and just like that the car parade started


Disclaimed and thanked the PAX for coming



Daisy Pickers IC

Tempo Squats IC

Merkins IC

Grab CMU and head to soccer field


Mosey halfway around outside of soccer turf (man it was nice to have that, no ice and the field drains the water really well)

Stopped at mid field for additional warm up

High Knees/Butt Kickers/ Karaoke/ Jog 10 yards and then sprint 10 yards

Finish the mosey back to the endzone

Thang: Murder Hornets

With CMU:

Murder Bunny to 10 yards

10 Manmakers with CMU, 10 Lunges with CMU, 10 Big Boy Sit ups with CMU

Murder Bunny another 10 yards and repeat the exercises

Murder Bunny another 10 yards and repeat the exercises

Bear Crawl/CMU drag back to the endzone

All in – 10 Air Press IC, 10 Overhead Clap IC, 10 Seal Clap IC

Loop around the field

Repeat the Murder Hornet Sequence this time with 8x exercises

At some point through this second sequence, slater asked – do you just look for the exercises that you know are going to kick our ass?

Once we were back at the endzone, overhead carry CMU over to the building and we did about 1:30 of wall sits starting with CMU held out front, CMU on the knees and then body weight.


We had time for dealers choice of 4 of the 5 pax. Slater – Mountain Climbers, McQuack – Plank, Ratio – Monkey Humpers, BandCamp – Imperial Walkers

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:5 PAX no FNGs (Ratio, Turkey Leg (QIC), Band Camp, Slater, McQuack

I talked about the 21 day gratitude challenge – check it out online/youtube. Each day you state 3 things you are thankful for and over that 21 day period its proven that it makes you a happier more thankful person and improves your well being.

We went around the circle and shared one thing we were thankful for. A common theme that was clear is the community and fellowship that f3 provides.    I’m thankful for f3 as its provided me an opportunity to continue to work out and its allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people. I’m thankful that there are men that are continuing to show up and put work in at the Lair and that they all enjoy the mumble chatter !


Band Camps VQ is coming up at the end of this month. He told me on Tuesday that he is going to show up to every Lair workout up to that point to get ready. Sure enough, he showed up today!


Come for your second helping at the Mothership this Saturday – Winter is Here!

Turkey Leg
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