August 7, 2019

Mullet Barrows

THE SCENE: Warm, Dry, and Clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Yes to the welcome. Everyone was disclaimed exactly 15 hours after the beginning of the workout. 

30 – SSH, 10 – Imperial Walkers, 10 – Daisy Pickers, 10- LBAC (both forwards and backwards), 30 seconds of a free stretch.
Mosey to the bathroom to use the wall for a 10 -Caterpillar ( arms walk out from a standing position, complete one merkin, then arms walk backwards to upright position). PAX were encouraged to use the wall of the bathroom in order to modify the workout.

Then, mosey to complete 10 squats. Then, Rinse and Repeat for 10 more Caterpillars and 10 more squats.

Mosey to billboard for 15-hanging legs to chest and 30 LBC. Rinse and repeat. After round 2, PAX planked until all in.

Mosey to rugby field for Merkin Mullet Barrows. YHC split PAX into groups of 3. Each group had 2 PAX wheelbarrow towards one end of the field, while the 3rd PAX completed 10 merkins. Once the merkins were complete, the PAX would run to catch up to his group and switch spots with one of the wheelbarrowers. PAX went the length of the rugby field. Groups that reached the end of the rugby field then went to join the group at the 6 and started again.

Moseyed to the baseball stands for another round of 15 – hanging leg raises and 30 LBC’s. PAX completed 3 rounds before moseying back.

Finally, moseyed back to the bathroom wall and completed another round of 10 Caterpillars and 10 squats. YHC encouraged PAX to complete 50 squats while waiting for all in.


30 – WWI Sit Ups, 30 – Dying Cockroaches, 30 – Freddy Mercuries

9 PAX (1 FNG)

YHC discussed the need to share with our close relationships. Because we have close relationships with friends, family, etc, we need to honor those relationships and share if we are ever hurt by those we are in relationship with. YHC also talked about doing that in a way that doesn’t hurt those we are sharing with. As leaders and HIM, we should be ready to share our true feelings with others and be ready to listen when our friends/family are sharing with us.

Building a weinke where men of varying degrees of fitness can get a good workout is hard for me. I think that I completed that task through today’s workout.